Holeshot Bandit 1200 / 600 Carb Rebuild Kits

Your Bandit is getting older and over time the carbs can start leaking gas from the float bowls. This will not only make for poor running, but can also allow fuel to leak into the crankcase contaminating the motor oil. This can cause severe engine damage if not taken care of. Our new high quality carb rebuild kits are made in Japan by the same company for the OEMs. Each kit includes the float bowl gasket o-ring, assorted other o-rings, and new float needle and seat assembly. Note ! The 600 kit come's with new needle only, not the seat since its non replaceable.

Note ! The below kit prices include parts for all 4 carbs, since this is the way it should be done

Holeshot Bandit 1200 / 600 Carb Rebuild kits
Description Part No. Price
Bandit 600   96-03 18-2639-4
Bandit 1200 96-00 18-5090-4
Bandit 1200 01-06 18-5082-4
Prices subject to change without notice