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Bandit Owner Testimonials
(From Bandit talk lists & Holeshot e-mail)

I have your Vortex header and slip on, with stage one modified jet kit. The mechanic was amazed at the quality of the kit. He has done some previous work on a few bandits before and said that none of the installs for pipes/jet kits worked as well as your parts. It's a testament to the quality of you products. In my opinion it has totally changed the dynamics of the bike. It runs very smooth with no dead spots, which wasn't the case when the bike was stock. I'm extremely pleased and will enjoy the header/exhaust for many years to come!

Howard (Hawaii):
The DW riser kit enables me to go on longer trips w/o a stiff neck and sore shoulders. The stainless elbow looks supah. The stainless lines for the brakes and clutch look and work great and best of all I can keep an eye out for the tailgaters with my Napoleon mirrors. Thank you for stocking terrific products.

Steve Ward, (Carlsbad, New Mexico):
well i finally got the time to install my 5 degree advance and my stage 2 jet kit and filters, i really like the way this kit cleaned up the bike your installation instructions were right on!this bike now pulls like never before, worth every dollar for this upgrade. thanks, Dale

to the staff at holeshot,
just wanted to let you know that i have installed the timing kit i ordered from you. first, it was so easy to install. but the results are just out of this world! i can't believe the smoothness and crispness that i have since installing it. it's like having my old bike again except with a whole knew attitude! i would tell anyone who is going to put on a new performance exhaust, air filter, and jet kit to install the timing kit. it blends all of this together and makes the bike a sheer blast to drive. i now am thinking of some other things to "tweak" but that will have to wait till spring. once again, thanks a bunch! i look forward to ordering more from you in the near future and plan to spread the word about holeshot. yours truly, pete.

Kevin Rafferty:
you are da man! Just had my stage 1 jet kit installed, and the bike runs great! I had put the mid pipe on s/o on prior, to hear how it sounded. Not only were the directions, clear, and concise, you even took into account the center stand. I did not want to attempt the carb mods, due to my lack of experience. The guy who did the work of course left the OEM air filter in, per your instructions, and removed the snorkle. The things warms up 10 times faster than it ever did, the throttle response is awesome, and it sounds great. Next time I place an order I want to buy one of your plate frames, because I am so happy with your products. Thanks again.

Jay Swan, (Zephyrhills, FL):
Hi Dale,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how things went. I received my order in a timely fashion, thank you! The ignition advancer was easy to install and went smoothly, I replaced the cover bolts with SS to dress it up a bit. I followed your instructions on the jet kit installation and it also went smoothly. I couldn't believe the difference it made on my 2002 Bandit 1200! It's one thing to read about, but totally different to witness it. The bike starts easier, runs smoother, and pulls harder! Thanks for all your hard work and testing that has allowed people like me to do it right the first time! Look forward to doing more business with you.

Holly Hutchinson/ Martin Tamulaitis (Johnstown, NY):
Hi Dale Here's a picture of a Holeshot advertisement on display in upstate New York in the fall of 2003. Marty has installed a carburetor kit from you as well as the exhaust and backrest.
I had quite a scare on one of my first rides on the Bandit last year. The borrowed helmet was a bit too big for me, and as we were riding on the highway, the wind went up inside it, pulling my head back. With my arms behind me, gripping the stock handle, I thought I was going to flip backwards onto the pavement at 65 m.p.h.
Marty later called Holeshot and talked to you about the gas he was using as well as the backrest; he told me later that you said that you developed the backrest because you didn't want to lose your girlfriend. Up to this point, neither Marty nor I were sure if my fear of falling off the back of the bike due to the lack of leverage was justified. I was so grateful to you that day for taking the time to talk to him, for I regained confidence that I could learn to be an enthusiastic, knowlegable passenger. We installed the backrest together, and realized that you and your girlfriend must have designed it together since it was so comfortable.
It is impressive that you not only recognized but cared enough about the possible danger of the original, svelte design to create this non-performance related product. I vowed that I would send you a picture, but didn't have one on my computer until now. To both of you;: Thank you so much!

Bill Baker wrote:
Hi Dale,
Dale: Have now had a few hundred miles on my stage 1 jet kit and comp exhaust. Great instructions, sound and what a power increase!! Great to talk to you on the phone as well. The quality especially of the pipe was impressive; light, great looking and just the sound you said it would be. Dead on and makes my Bandit look and run much better with reasonable amount of effort. Cost/benefit was excellent. Plan on buying more stuff for my Bandit soon. Pleasure to do business with you; everything is shipped timely, is what you said it would be, immaculate craftsmanship and construction. You set the standard for the industry. Keep up the great work.

Chris Bolton (California) wrote:
Dog bone report

First let me say there are no bad side effects on this. I have tried the freeway, uneven bumps, rain grooves?the bike never miss behaved at all. Even very hard on the gas over a bumpy rise there was no more head shaking than normal (which was a slight wiggle, not a shake).

At a stop light the bike is noticeably taller. On the road cruising the bike just steers easier. It feels more like a 600 in that it just goes where you look without too much effort. Freeway onramps are more fun because the bike just seems to ask for more speed and more lean angle. In the twistys this is really a revelation! The bike turns in much better, holds it line beautifully and you can even change your line without too much effort. Some would say it ?falls? into corners better. A friend was with me when we were testing on his new Aprilia RSV Mille Tuono had a great comment. I had said I was going to take it easy and cruise at a comfortable pace to get use to the new setup. We ride together allot so he knew that speed I would be doing yet when we stopped he asked why I decided to ?turn it up.? I never did, I honestly thought I was going my usual pace but apparently I was going MUCH faster than normal. At times he had trouble keeping up with me. That normally only happens when I decide to push it but not this time. The bike with this lift is even more confidence inspiring without being twitchy or unstable at all.

I can honestly say this is a great mod for everyone but the seriously vertically challenged. If you already are uncomfortable with how tall this bike is do not buy this. If not, regardless is you are a touring guy, a canyon carver?.. it does not matter. This is a great upgrade for your bike. It will inspire more confidence, be easier to ride fast or slow and quite simply be more fun. Dale does it again!

Bruce wrote:
Dale, 1216 kit , head work , cams and smooth bores I forgot to mention, we got 4 more horsepower w/ your pipes than the Acropovic. It is now running PERFECT at 165 HP. and 96 LBS. of torque.

Tim Z (Chino Valley, Arizona) wrote:
Just wanted to thank you for your great site and how helpful Dale is on the phone. I installed the adjustable struts on my 03 naked Bandit to lower it. Easy job, only took an hour and it gives me alot more ground under my feet. I'm 5'9" with a 32" inseam, I could put my feet down flat foot but I now have more ground area which helps if the surface is not level. Great bike, great site, thanks again.

Greg from Virginia wrote:
Dale, Just a comment about your incredible StageII kit which I installed back in 1999 on my 97 Bandit with 13,000 miles on the clock.
It's incredible how well this thing performs, now with 50+ thousand miles to boot. Everytime I ride, it feels better than the last (well, at least just as fine!) I don't see another litre bike out there to replace my 1200 that I think will be that much of an improvement. Being 57 though, I do prefer the sit up position to be honest. Thanks for the effort you put into testing the stageII for my bike. The word up is Flawless!

J. Hart, Lakeland FL:
Do you remember the pic I sent you of the 98 GSF1200S (novelty black pearl) and my 05 GSF1200SZK (Suzuki's 20th Anniversary paint job) next to each other in my garage...when you responded and said, "old and new"...I was so amazed, because after reading the text, and seeing your Holeshot.com website, your email was a much more personal response, It's just good to find a human now and then like yourself with a drive (for lack of a better word) dedication to the thousands of us out there that are in love with the Bandit! It is good to see someone like yourself put so much effort into making the Suzuki Bandit a recognized world wide icon! I envy your dedication...ThankYou Dale, Awsome site, Holeshot lives!

Dave on Maximum suzuki forum:
Maybe some of you are like me, do I buy from Dale or don't I? Everybody raves over the products & service...must be too good to be true, right?

We'll as some of you may have seen, I recently purchased one of Dale's blem pipes (17" Comp 1-black). I even went for the stage 1 kit too. It arrived today, here is my initial review:

My first reaction was, "oh no!, they forgot some @$#&*@ parts!" There is no way the slip-on, mid pipe, clamps, centerstand stop, and jet kit can be in this small box and weigh this little. If it was all here, it would weigh like my golf bag, right?

So I tear open the perfectly wrapped box, beautiful shipping labels, tape, etc. What do I see when I open, nothing but foam peanuts...the kind those upscale merchants use! Now I'm worried, I'm convinced I got just part of my order. So I move some peanuts...boom, there is the jet kit. Its in a commercial grade sealed bag. Dang, there appears to be easy to read directions right in the bag too!

Now I dig deeper. There are more bags. Timing advancer- own sealed bag, w/ same easy to read directions. Ditto for the pipe clamps and center stand stop. The sweat is now dripping off the ol' brow.

Wait, there...at the bottom! There appears to be a mid pipe, perfectly wrapped in bubble wrap! Yeeeee hah, maybe there is hope. HMMM...do I see another box, inside the box? Even that box has more information taped on...cleaning/polishing tips, etc.

Yes...it must be the slip-on!

Wait, it can't be... it would have to be carbon fiber to be that light! So I open, there is a slip-on (I think) wrapped up in a foam type wrap. The sweat is now pouring down, after all...it was a blem muffler, right?

So I finally slide it out of the wrap...(during this part my wife walks in and gives me the "shaky face", and walks back out of the room)... Anyway, out comes the most beautiful pipe I have ever seen. Da satin black beauty! As far as the blem....hahahah. I'll tell you one thing, if Dale's Q&A process rejected this pipe, I would love to see the ones they call acceptable.

So if this package performs as good as the dang purchase experience, I'm in for a real big surprise next Spring!

Thanks again to Dale for the continued great service (and discounts) to your fellow Max-zuker friends and fans!

Jon Auster wrote:
I just finished installing Dale's Holeshot timing advancer on my B1200, and its running like a "Bat out of hell". This, with Dale's Stage 1 modified, and Yosh TRS is all the bike I'll need this year.

Leon Nyreen:
Dale, I wanted to send you some pictures of my Bandit. You re-dipped my stepped header for me this last winter and welded in that piece in the collector. You also told me I needed an entenda fenda which I also installed so as not to sand blast my pipe. I chromed the triple trees, the chain adjuster blocks, the axles, the brake hanger, and the bar ends, and replaced almost every bolt on the bike with stainless ones, which I polished. I also polished the arms on the swing arm - next winter I am going to send it to England and have them brace it. I love the look those Brits do to their Bandits.

This bike has a ton of your parts on it: a 5 degree timing advancer, stepped header, your 14" exhaust, and your stage 2 jet kit. I had the 17" exhaust when I first bought the bike, but sold it. I love the sound of the 14, it's awesome. I had a valve job done this spring at 11000 miles. We put it on the dyno and it's pulling 129hp and 90 foot pounds of torque. Pretty good for a stock motor I think. It pulls so much harder too since I got my header back from you with that piece you put in the collector. I painted it stratus blue under coat with a candy oriental blue over the top and am super happy with the paint. It woke up big time.

I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me when I call and have questions. You and your staff have been very helpful and knowledgeable.

Click image to enlarge

Blake Forslund, Grand Rapids MI:
Dale (and company)
I installed your stage two kit on my 97 bandit 600. What an easy kit to install. Only took probably 30-45 minutes. Got to talk to you on the phone while in my garage working on it. To help set my bike for optimal starting point. You were right on the money. 3.5 turns out and 3-4 shims. (ended up needing 4 to get ride of the flat spot around 5000) Bike warms up and runs great. I used to only get a maximum of 130 miles before needing reserve, now afterward I made it 182 miles before needing reserve. (maybe even better if I wasn't having so much fun at every corner and stop sign.) Total turn around.

Kelly Houston, West Bend, WI:
I have a 2001 naked 1200 Bandit. I ordered and installed tall mirrors, stage 1 kit with advancer and modified my air box. Altitude 900 feet and I used your recommended jets and settings. Sorry I couild not afford the pipe but that will be next year.

Instructions were good and left no confussion. I missed the big bold note and it took me an hour to find 2 of the small o-rings on carbs.

No more sneeking up on my cops. Mirrors are everything you said. No vibration and they stay put!

Setting were very good I might be a little rich at idle but who cares. I now only need a little choke for a short time and no idle creep while engine warms up. Bike pulls decent at any speed in any gear. Going from 0-60 is amazing.

Big plus the engine had an annoying buss from 4-5K rpm that was really bad at 4.5K my normal commute RPM. It is gone! It took a second carb sync to do it (getting better at it) but what a change! At 25MPH I had to use first or second now I can lumber along in 3 or even 4th.

Throttle respons exiting corners is a little quick for me but I just need to get use to it. Throttle at any speed is steady, predictable, and smooth.

Under hard acceleration front whell is very light. Looking forward to next year when I put on the pipe.

Oh yes, I should have heeded this. It is very difficult to remove vaccuum plugs after carbs are installed but not impossible. Needle nose vise grips and very pointy thing did the trick. Lots of extra vaccuum hose on sync gages and I used left over float bowl screws with tie wraps to close then. Second carb sync including removing tank took less than an hour.

Just for grinns I lowered the front fork tubes 1/2 inch from top of tube to top brace. This allowed me to back off on the rear shock 2 clicks and it still drives hard into corners and exits much nicer. Helped my 28 inch inseam a bunch as well.

Thanks again! You made it very easy and fun. I now have a new bike at a fraction of the cost. Slip on and fork brace are next.

Dave Aultfather, (Sarasota, FL):
Dale, I have a Suzuki Bandit 1200 and have installed your stage 1 kit with 5 degree ignition advancer, shortened springs, and the airbox hole per instructions. Base settings are 107.5 main jets, 4 washers, and pilot screws out 3.5 turns. The result is fantastic! It starts and warms up more quickly. Power delivery is smoother. Midrange is stronger and throttle response is immediate. An unexpected bonus is that I am consistently getting 44 MPG and I am not taking it easy! I am at sea level on the Gulf Coast and humidity is usually in the 80% range. Have you done any dyno runs with this kind of setup? (I am interested in the midrange results because my impression is that the biggest gain with this setup is in the lower midrange.) I am one very satisfied customer!

Steve McCardle:
Dear Dale, I felt the need to write to you to personally thank you for your excellent products and your services. I purchased your handlebar riser kit, fender extender, bar snake and the Pro grips last year on my 2003 Suzuki Bandit 1200. Within the last 2 weeks I installed your Comp 2 slip-on and the Stage 1 jet kit. This bike is awesome now. Your instructions for installation were excellent. I love the sound of the pipe and the overall power and crispness that your products have given me. It was a great feeling to fire that machine up for the first time and hear that motor run like it was meant to. Thank you for answering my e-mails and my telephone call. Thank you for delivering what you promise. I wish they were all like you.

Jay Tyndall:
Hello Dale.
About 2 weeks ago I bought a Stage 1 jet kit I bought a comp 2 17" muffler bought a 5 degree advance timer, I had the dealer put it on for me, they really liked the fact that you took your time to do this with each of your products, thank you for being who you are. I tell you the bike has more bottom end than when it was stock. I know that 1st you don't want to hit hard at all, the 2nd gear is nasty and the third gear really feels like my second when it was stock, the bike really runs great. The mechanic has my idle at 1200 I guess that will be okay. I have not put on the lowering kit or the castle nut yet but that will be my next project in a couple of weeks. Dale thank you for all that you do and for the great service that I have gotten from you and your staff.


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