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Bandit Owner Testimonials
(From Bandit talk lists & Holeshot e-mail)

Jon Auster:
I rode a " 3 pass" 375 mile day, from Olympia, WA, via Stevens Pass to Leavenworth, and back thru Blewett and Snoqualamie Passes. Two passes summited at 4,100 feet and one at 3,100, then back to sea level. Since I wrenched on Dale's Holeshot Stage 1, Modified airbox, and timing advancer, I've noticed better fuel mpg. Today I measured it, and even with 3 up and down climbs, I averaged 44.8 MPG. My mileage has gone up 5 mpg, with 10%+ more power.

Jon Auster, '03 B1200
Stage 1 Modified
Yosh TRS slip on
Michelin Pilot Power

Dale - I talked to you on Monday afternoon about my Bandit and the stage 1 kit/ slip-on I put on. Thanks for suggesting I look carefully at my hose routing. This made all the difference along with adding the 5th shim back onto the needles. It runs awesome now and I can roll on from 70 to 90 in about 2 seconds in 5th gear.

Alan Rustici (North Stonington, CT):
Just installed your handlebar riser kit, stage 1 jetting, and timing advancer on my 02 B12. The bike now fits me much better and the power gains are very noticable! Thanks for the great products.

Hello dale.

I bought your stage one jet kit and the comp 2 muffler and the 5 degree advancer, everything is working good. I had written to you a couple months ago about the dealer not drilling the 1.5 hole in my air box, well I took the bike back and told them to do as you had instructed after which they called you yesterday from Delmarva power and sports from Salisbury Maryland. They did as you said and also the diaphram springs and when I got there they said they are very impressed with how the bike performs now from the time they had it and what they did to it yesterday. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the study of the bandit.

Dale, thanks for the great products and service. The lowering link worked great and has the wife standing flat footed on her 1200 Bandit. The 14 inch street core muffler looks and sounds great. It has a nice growl but it's not at all obnoxious. Installation was a snap and I don't think we'll need to re-jet.
Liza's a sweetheart to deal with also. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to enjoying more of your great products.

Tony Materazzi:

Put the Nerf Bars and the Sport Rack on this weekend. Not that I expected anything less from you, but I want to give you a thumbs up for the ability and quality control to build things that actually FIT.

In this day and age of mass produced junk that one needs a lump hammer and dremel to do the "finishing" touches it's very refreshing that someone still knows how to measure things and build accordingly. It always amazes me how many people can't measure accurately or build a jig accurately.

Thanks..it was a pleasure.

Ross Daigle:
I just wanted to let you know that my Bandit 1200 is running perfectly, just in time for winter here in Massachusetts. I purchased your street slip-on, modified jet kit and timing advancer to get the bike running better. I just didn't know how good better could be. It took me a little time dialing in the carbs. I was going too lean, but a quick call with Dale straightened me out. Now I can't wait until spring. I was falling out of love with the bike, but your upgrades have renewed the love and the speed. Thanks Dale.

Stan & David:
My son and I did a Bandit 600 jet kit/advancer install in about 4 hours. We took the carbs out/in through the top of the frame. We had a shop manual and your instructions. No surprises. We had never done this before so it was a very rewarding experience.

We live near sea-level so went with your recommended parts. We also have your slip-on and street-fighter kits.

Bike runs sooo much better than stock. Quick warmup and noticeable power difference.

Next step - bump the sprocket gearing for quicker acceleration.

Kevin Tulli (Canada):
Good People at Holeshot,

First I would like to let you know that I have received many compliments on your pipe for my 2001 Bandit 600, both the sound and the quality look of it. I also installed your Stage 1 kit and adavncer and it really woke up the bike. 3 years now and 15 000 kms and she still runs like a top. It was a hugh improvement.

Thanks much

Peter Minns:
Hi Dale.

Sorry for the delay in getting in touch, I received the parts as ordered in the new year. The quality of both the parts and service is outstanding, I think I mentioned to you in a previous email that I was trained as a TIG welder, I worked mainly on aircraft components in the UK and hydrogen fuel cell R&D in Canada, I've rarely seen such high quality workmanship!!

Thanks for a brilliant service.

Nicholas Weightman (Hawaii):
Hi, I just received my partial order for my 1999 Bandit 1200 and i'm VERY pleased. The 5 degree timing advancer and stage 2 jet kit (no filters) work flawlessly! Your detailed instructions were easy to follow as i've never even touched a carburetor before. My bike would only idle before and not even rev up past 3000 rpm before dying. Now its amazingly crisp and the throttle response is quick and smooth throughout the entire powerband. Well worth the cost! Glad I chose Holeshot over the cheap unproven ebay crap.

Lorne Rodeck (Cowansville, Quebec):
Hi to all at Holeshot!  Last month I purchased your handlebars risers for a 2004 Suzuki Bandit 1200S, with Dale's help.  I installed them myself along with the dual breaklines and am truly enjoying the comfort of the ride!  Would like to thank you all VERY much for your help, and if any one asks I'll send them your way.  Thanks again.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you,I recieved the lowering kit for my  97'Bandit and installed it tonight..It's perfect and Im very  impressed with the quick service!

Curtis Robinson:

I have to tell you Dale, your products are FANTASTIC! I purchased a 14inch slip on for my 2002 B12 and I love it. It sounds great and  the performance is very noticible. I had purchased slip ons for my 2003 ZZR a few years ago and I was  very pleased with them. That why I decided to go with your stuff  for this latest bike. I am so glad I did.

I also purchased and instaled the fork springs for my B12 and they too are wonderful.

Keep up the good work Dale. I will continue to be a customer as long as I ride.

Joe Becker:
Dale, just want to thank you for taking time out of your day  (twice) to help me out with the ps3 i orderd..went to the drag  track wednesday night,and it worked perfectly!! in these days of  nonexistent customer service,i believe you and your staff shold be  held up as an example, for others to follow... thanks again for  everything ...

Rob Miller(Norwalk, CT):
I just recently purchased a jet & advancer kit + some accesories for my '96 bandit. I found your service to be very personal & friendly. The quality & prices to be very good. Plus since doing a self install of the jet kit & advancer my bandit has never run better.


Rick(Columbia, MO):
Dale, got my y2kb12s back on Friday after the installation of the Mod 1 kit and s/o, being tightened a little. Holy @!$#, it runs like a bat out of hell. I've never run the bike like I did today, we've had a bunch of rain in the midwest and it sat in the garage for a couple of days. Today was nice, low 70's, perfect weather,  and I took advantage and flogged it for about 100 miles around  town. The popping is gone, probably due to shifting a little quicker and keeping the rpms up vs. feathering the clutch @ low rpms.  My God, the bike is unbelieveably quick. Once again, I stepped it up to around 145. It's scary fast, not tame as it was before.

You were right, I can feel the increase in torque and horsepower. Also, thanks for the tip on Blue Magic, my stock front header and your s/o shined up beautifully. Almost didn't want to ride it!  That's a lie.

I will be a faithful customer.  Stepped up header is next.

Rick(Columbia, MO):
Been riding pretty much all weekend and just wanted to say thanks.  My '03 Bandit 1200S with the Stage 1 kit and timing advancer plus  the Comp 2 slip-on really makes the bike perform.  I thought the  Bandit was fast simply when it was stock, man, it really screams  now.  We rode about 100 miles of twisties yesterday and I rode  probably another 75 miles today. Each time the bike seems to get  faster (and it is freakin' hot here). For anyone that owns a  Bandit, they are simply not doing their research if they want their  bike to run at it's best. I can't wait to put the front header on  this coming spring and grab a few more ponies.

Thanks again Dale.
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