Holeshot Bandit 1200 / 600
Rear Fender Eliminator and Blinker Kit

Dale's Fender Eliminator Kit really cleans up the back of your Bandit for a very sano look. This is not an "El Cheapo" kit. It is constructed of .065 aluminum with tig welded side gussets, then satin black powder coated for a long life span. The mounting points come pre-drilled. It still retains the stock plastic tool kit area. Flange bolts, stainless washers and nylocks are included. Installation requires trimming off the entire rear plastic fender, so get your dremel tool ready.

Our new Flush Mount Blinkers are included in the kit and look fantastic mounted in the tail section of the Bandit. The end result is super clean.

This kit fits all 1200 models through 2000 and 1996 through 1999 Bandit 600s. Will not fit ABS models without modifications. Simple wire splicing the blinker wires to the original blinker wire connectors is necessary to install.

Note: Kit can now also be purchased with our cat eye style blinkers if you do not want to use the flush mount type.

Click here for 2000+ B-6 and 2001 B-12 Rear Fender Eliminator Info.

The Flush Mount Blinkers really give the bike a much narrower appearance. If you are interested in a custom license plate frame we offer a Holeshot Frame or Bandit Club Frame.

Click here for info on our grb rail removal kit.

Holeshot Bandit 1200/600 Rear Fender Eliminator
kit with flush mount blinkers Part No. B-FEK $129.95
kit with cat eye style blinkers Part No. B-FEKCE $129.95
Prices subject to change without notice

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