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FJR 1300 Owner Testimonials

R. Ayres wrote:

Hi Dale
Just a quick email to first thank you for the quick service. The package containing my Holeshot FJR slip-ons and other parts needed to make the transition arrived in a very timely manner. Everything was wrapped extremely well to protect all the important stainless parts. The instructions were easy for even a 65 year old man with average skills. The installation was straight forward!. No problems and I am very happy with the results! I love the mellow sound which is louder than stock but not obnoxious or offensive to those around me. Next I need to consider the Hole Shot EFI Super Tune box to make the most of the recently installed K&N filter and BEAUTIFUL stainless slip ons!

Thank You!

Dan Clarizio wrote:

Hey Dale,

After buying my new 2014 FJR1300 ES and selling my 2009 to my buddy Jeff, I followed him around a bit and found I REALLY missed the unique sound of these pipes. One of the reasons he bought the 09 from me was because it “didn’t sound like any FJR he’d ever heard”. So, I got a third full Holeshot system (after installing them on my 05 and 09 FJRs) and all is wonderful again on my rides! Just wanted you to know that your hard work is appreciated not only by your customers, but by the second hand owners as well. Thanks Dale.

Bobby in Orlando FL
  I just got the 2014 FJR/ES and had to have a new exhaust to give the bike more personality. I've had Holeshots previously and knew this was not a hard decision. Buy an exhaust for a great price and feel more horsepower as well as torque. Yes seat of pants, but the front tire seems "lighter" now and the sound is going to get me in trouble always being ON the gas and enjoying the dual harmony. I rave about this to friends as well as fellow FJR-ers. Service is also top notch from the company.

Do what you like and like what you do.

Thanks again ,

Roy, Dahlonega (GA )

After looking at all makers of header systems, I decided to install your complete Stainless steel header w/ polished mufflers (including gaskets and hi temp silicone) on my 2007 FJR. I am so pleased with the sleek looks of the mufflers. It was easy to install, even my wife could help me! The sound is exactly what I was hoping for, perfectly throaty, but not obnoxious. At the time of installation, I used a Power Commander(not from Holeshot), and the maps were very limited. I am expecting better results with your TFI on my other bike. After using your system, the heat from the engine was cut in half, plus my HP & fuel mileage went up. Thank you for your unlimited great service & tech support. Your craftsmanship is also Top Shelf.

Looking forward to doing more business with you and your wife.


Jamie Sibley wrote:
  Hi Dale,

Just a note to let you know that the FJR complete Holeshot exhaust, along with your matching tune up works great. It took away about 85% of the resonance vibration that I had with the stock exhaust system. We went on a ride to the mountains the day after install. It was about 1000 miles round trip. I really like the new setup. Even the sound is sweet. Thanks for taking the time to develop and manufacture the beautiful system.


Rick Bachman wrote:

Dale, I just installed the slip-on exhaust & TFI injection tuner for my 2008 FJR 1300. After installing the exhaust and setting the initial (TFI) baseline adjustments and riding the bike, I came back and performed some minor tuning. I can only say how pleased I am with the whole set-up. The power and riding improvement were worth every penny spent. The fine tuning was very easy and took only a few minutes. Thank you very much for all of your help!

Larry Hartl (Lemont, IL):

I recently installed a new polished 304 stainless Holeshot 4-2 system with removable DB Killers on my 2006 Yamaha FJR1300 (see attached pics). I had one of the original Holeshot systems on my 2003 FJR and had always felt that the fit, the look, and the sound were second to none. So when I sold the 03 and bought the 06, the choice of aftermarket exhaust was a simple one for me.

I have to tell you, you have totally outdone yourself with the polished stainless system, especially with the addition of the new removable DB Killers. While the fit is still exceptional, the look of the polished stainless is even better than I had imagined. In addition, I now have the option of exhaust tone with use of the removable DB Killers, which were simple to install, sound terrific, and look totally unique. Combine that with custom fuel injection mapping that compliments your system and you have a custom exhaust system with an optional quieter exhaust note, whose looks, quality and performance remain second to none.

In this day and age of compromised quality and almost non-existent customer service, I want to thank you for continuing to provide the motorcycle community with the quality products and outstanding customer service that you do.

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Gary wrote:


Thanks for all of you help on getting my FJR1300 set up. I love the  slip ons, great sound and a breeze to install. Excellent workmanship! I took your advise rode for a while before I installed  a Power Commander. I have to admit with out the Power Commander there were no flat spots or problems ran great sounded great and looked great.

After installing the Power Commander and down loading the map you  recommended it even ran better and the off ideal studier that has  always been part of the FJR has disappeared as well.

In this day and age of cheap parts and poor support it has been a  real pleasure talking to you and having the results be just as you stated!

Thanks again for a very pleasant experience.

Dan Folk wrote:

Hi Dale,
I installed my Holeshot full header pipe and Power commander III  with your "map" on my 2003 FJR .  My opinion so far is that it has  a smoother delivery when starting out and it revs freer and  easier.  And of course it looks and sounds much better. 
Thanks for  a great product.

Mike Bates (Baton Rouge,La)
Hi Dale
FYI I installed a pair of your black slip on mufflers on my Black  08 FJR 1300. I then proceeded to run a couple thousand miles thru the Smokies and Deals Gap. The mufflers look great, fit great and sound great! Not too loud but they will sing to you when you roll on the throttle. I wanted to say thanks for a good product at a fair price!

Luke in VA
Dale, the FJR Holeshot slip-ons arrived by mail last night and I had them on within an hour and absolutely love them. Sound is perfect as is the fit and finish. The FJR really comes alive with your cans. I am very pleased with the new sound.

Ed, (Little Rock, AR)
Hi Dale,
I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the close tolerance fit and flawless finish of your Holeshot Slip- ons.

The installation on my '05 FJR 1300 was very simple and even with my K&N airfilter I have no popping on deceleration and the sound level is just what I wanted; authoritative but not irritating.

Thanks for making such a fine product.

Chuck Coats, (Gulfport Mississippi)
these pipes sound perfect. they fit like a glove and the craftsmanship is UNREAL. i went to your web site to see if you made a pipe for the FJR-1300 before i bought the bike.
i also love my bandit stage II parts and my wife loves her warrior pipe as well. we wear our Holeshot T-shirts whenever we ride, especially when we visit our local motorcycle dealers. thank you for a superior product, its worth the cost.

Phil Groff (Jacksonville, Florida)
I purchased a set from my dealer Ron Turner Cycles in Jacksonville, Florida. They were installed on my 2005 FJR in September of 2004. The quality is outstanding, installation was a breeze, they sound great and I have had numerous compliments on them. I have over 6000 miles on them and they still look like they just came out of the box.


Bobby Brooks, (Orlando, FL)
Hey Mr. Dale,
Got the black slip-ons put on my 05 FJR1300 the other day. Seems to run as well, perhaps alittle more crisp with no mapping changes or injection . . . .whatever the proper term would be. I've currently got 6K miles and anticipate a bunch more. The pipes sound great as it has personality now as opposed to being a big sewing machine.

Thanks again.

Todd Theobald wrote:
Put my pipes on today. What can I say, I expected nothing less than perfect from you Dale. After all the parts I purchased for my V-max (which I got rid of in 01). I expected and received an excellent product again. The welds were perfect. The fit and finish perfect, packing perfect, instructions so easy a chimp could follow them, and the sound OH MY, the sound, really brought that baby to life. Since I have the 04 model with silver rims, I'm happy I went with the polished cans instead of black, but I bet the black cans look beautiful with the black rims. Too bad its cold outside, I'd like to experiment with the power commander but for now I am very pleased with the pipes. Thank you.

Wayne Mason wrote:
I had ordered a set of your slip-ons for my 2005 FJR1300. I had read much about them on the FJR forums online.

I received them in two days and they arrived undamaged. It took all of 15 minutes to install.

I must say, they are absolutely beautiful and sound fantastic ... I am very pleased with them. Just wanted to drop you a line and compliment you on your work ... great job!! Thank you very much.

Dan Clarizio wrote:
I just wanted to let you know that I got the full header and exhaust system installed on my FJR1300 and it looks sweet. The black cans on my blue 2005 give some personality to the bike. It's also turned my "sewing machine" into a growling monster. I was heading up into the Sierras for my first long test ride when I stopped for gas. A guy filling up his car on the pump across from me came over and said he loves the FJR, but that mine sounded real good when I pulled in. I had to brag that I just installed the Holeshot system, showed off the satin black slip-ons with the laser etching, and of course gave the throttle a couple of quick pulls for effect.
I had your single bolt-on on my Bandit, but with 2 on the FJR, it's twice as nice!!!
Thanks for a great product.

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Mario wrote:
Hello Dale, I just took a short ride on My 04 fjr1300. As you remember I have been on the waiting list for a couple of months. You shipped the set to me just before you left and I got them right before I left. I left the bike and the system with a trusted mechanic who has been working on my bikes for some time as I have a small collection that always need something. He installed the set and when I got home we installed your map. Wow great job on all the hard work you do. First the reduced heat is worth the price of admission, no more leg of me roasted to a bright red. The sound they make give the bike some character. And above two grand they produce noticable power gain. I love the look sound power and coooool.

Mike Maloney wrote:
Hi Dale,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with the sound and looks of your slip-ons. Nice job!

Below is a copy of my post on the FJR Owners Forum:
Thanks to this forum, I learned about Dale's Holeshot products. Ordered a pair of slip-ons for my blue '06. Got the satin black finish.

Replacing the stock cans gave me the exact sound I was looking for. My bike was instantly transformed from a nice-looking, shiny, whirring thing to a real motorcycle. ;)

The fit and finish of the slip-ons are excellent! All of the parts are nicely packaged and the required clamps and nuts come in separate plastic bags.

The highly polished stainless steel on the mid-pipes and tips really sets off the satin black finish of the aluminum muffler body. And the laser etching on the polished tips is a classy touch. 8)

And then there's the weight loss! Now, I don't have go on that diet to lose 12+ pounds. That's the difference in weight between the stock mufflers and the Holeshot slip-ons + mid-pipes.

May go with the Holeshot header and a PCIII later on. But for now, this was a much needed upgrade -- a very nice improvement to an already excellent bike!


Otto Berndt, (Tyler, Texas):
Hey Dale,

Many thanks for your help getting the proper mapping for my 2005 FJR Yamaha with your complete header/slip-on system. After mapping the power commander and installation it ran flawlessly. I really like the sound and the instant throttle response. It really means a lot for a supplier to not only sell you the system but to take the time to help you install it properly. You should be getting a few more orders from this area from my friends who have the same bike.

Zach Dalmau, (Reno, Nevada):
These are the highest quality slip-ons I have installed. I have experience with many types of motorcycles and common modifications. These slip-ons gave me instant gratification regarding over-all performance gains and appearance. I am sure the related header system will yeild similar results! I can't wait!!

Thumper McKenzie:
Hi Dale,
First let me thank you for the excellent service you provide to the riding community. I don't know how you find time to enjoy your passion for racing with all the work you do for others.
I received the slip-ons late Wednesday night by UPS and had them on 30 minutes later. They sound great and the installation was straight forward. I especially like the rubber bumper for the center stand on the FJR. Attention to detail is consistant throughout.
Thank you and I look forward to using them for a long time. Maybe I can even purchase some of those Headers before too long.
Thanks again and have a great Christmas holiday.

Zane Elrod:
Hi - I ordered from you a set of exhausts for my FJR late last week. Your friendliness on the phone even exceeded all the wonderful things folks say about you in the chat rooms!

Al Maurine:
Got my slip-ons today .. they were patiently waiting for me when I got home. I un-boxed everything and even read the directions .. I  do that now that I've gotten older. I think it took me about a  1/2 hour to get them both on and adjusted .. a real breeze. Took it for a short spin and the sound is absolutely perfect!  I am 62 this year and 'loud' doesn't trip my trigger .. but these are  so mellow sounding .. it really makes my 06 FJR1300A really sound  great.  I told my son the the FJR sounded like a tiger purring ..  now it sounds like the same tiger growling. Thanks for a wonderful product .. I was impressed with the overall  fit and finish ... nice! I'll get some miles on them and let you know what they do to my mileage and throttle response.

David Rainey (Saltillo, MS):
Hi Dale,
Just installed the slip-ons on my '03 FJR 1300. Just one word to  describe the experience-awesome! The fit and finish and easy  installation were beyond compare. I am 52 and have been riding  since I was 14 and have had my experience with "will fit" products.  The look and sound of these pipes is great! Makes it irrestible to  not "blip" the throttle at red lights. The bike runs flawlessly. My  advice to anyone wanting to upgrade their FJR-look no further than Holeshot Performance. Now, about that free T-shirt.........;^).

Al Maurine:
Well, had my Holeshot slip-on pipes on long enough now to gather some figures from my 2006 FJR. Everybody loves the sound of  them .. even the Harley guys. I went on a memorial ride this past  Saturday for a Harley guy that got killed a couple of years ago.   We did about a 150 mile ride .. the HD guys never ride fast .. But I only road about 75 miles with them .. once at the destination I  turned around and headed back by myself .. and doing some normal speeds. I got 55.4 mpg on that tank of gas!  The FJR seems to like the pipes real well .. no trace of any hiccups at all. As for horse power and torque .. well, the FJR already makes a ton of both so it's hard to tell ... but when I crank it the pipe sure  does sound great. You may get a couple of more orders for FJR  pipes from Tucson .. I ride with three other FJR owners .. and they  love the sound too.  We'll see.

Thanks Again

Chris G. (Tampa Bay):
I just fired up the Feejr with your header and muffler replacements. I would like to offer a moment of silence to the stock parts...Now I would like to roll on the throttle until the cops show up and have to  pry me off of it. I am a conservative rider in my late 30's but now you and your staff have made me feel like a juvenile delinquent, again. I sincerely feel sorrow for my fellow FJR riders that have not tapped into this full potential addition to their machine. I also  would like to offer appreciation to the tech support you and your team gave me. The passion you and your staff have for HOLESHOT shines through the product and service.
Keep the shiny side up


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