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Second Generation Holeshot Fly Screen

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Updated Holeshot Fly Screen will fit most naked models including every year model SV-650/1000.

Dale's second generation Holeshot Fly Screen really looks nice. It adds great wind protection, keeping most of the wind off your chest and shoulders, as well as about up to your forehead area.

It's made of hand laid fiberglass by expert craftsmen, not plastic like some factory screens and is available in nicely finished black gel coat only. Due to slight color differences from bike to bike we do not offer color matching. It comes ready for painter's prep and includes custom stainless steel brackets, rubber well nuts with brass threaded inserts and stainless button head allens.The lower rubber trim strip is no longer needed with our second generation updated mold design.

Note: The Holeshot Fly Screen will fit on almost any bike with a standard 7 inch glass headlight lens. Our stainless mounting hardware requires that the headlight bucket mounting ears must measure 7 3/4 in. - 8 1/2 in. across from inside to inside surface for proper installation. A certain amount of gauge clearance is also necessary. Updated Holeshot Fly Screen will fit most standard models including every year model SV-650/1000.

The photos below are examples only of our previous mold design mounted on several models!

The sleek design matches the radius of the headlight and the center bubble really looks cool The view from the cockpit
Naked 2001 Bandit 1200 Road testing on the California coastline - Ducati Monster
The Holeshot Fly Screen really gives your bike a unique, clean look Shown above in black gel coat ready for painters prep
The Holeshot Fly Screen really completes the look of any naked motorcycle Don't let this small screen fool you, it really helps provide added wind protection and aerodynamics.
2001 Suzuki GS500 Vintage Laverda Jota
Kawasaki ZRX Suzuki Bandit
Robert from Colorado, super clean 600 Seca
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Second Generation Holeshot Fly Screen
Part No. H-FS $159.95

Original Bike Spirit Spray Cleaner & Polish

Dale loves this product and often uses it around the shop here at Holeshot . It very well may be the best quick cleaner and polish on the planet. The Original Bike Spirits Spay Cleaner and Polish comes in a aerosol  14 oz. can. This product was formerly branded by Honda and other OEMs, but now is available right from the source. OBS  works fantastic on Paint, windscreens, face shields, bare aluminum, chrome , even plastic, vinyl & leather. On leather riding gear it cleans off dirt and bugs without harming the pigment.

Note ! Some flat black surfaces should be tested in a small area first. We highly recommend this product for daily use to keep your bike and gear in tip top shape as well as looking good.

OBS 14 oz. Cleaner & Polish
Part No. OBS-14 $7.95

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