Dale's Bandit-12 Project Bike Dyno Results
Dale's B-12 was featured in the February 1999 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

Dale's Project bike on Holeshot's new DYNOJET dyno.

Regarding Dyno Numbers:

Before I get started I'd like to talk about Dynos and Dyno numbers. In my opinion the Dyno is just a tool to measure before and after results. The Dyno itself and the atmosphere conditions can change the horsepower numbers dramatically. For example, I had a few customers tell me that their B-12 made 122 to 126 horsepower with my pipe and Stage 2 jet kit on a Dyno Jet Dyno. If that same motorcycle ran on the Dyno jet that I use with the condition here, it would make 115-116 maximum. I also found that how and when you roll the throttle on during a pull can vary the horsepower up to 2 or 3.

Dyno Numbers on my 11.1 CR Piston Kit and Street Strip Portwork:

Before I tell you any numbers, I want to explain my objectives of the Stage 1 upgrade.

  1. 95% of Bandit owners love the midrange power and do not want the power-band of a GSX-R. (Much higher RPMs, less midrange).

  2. I wanted to deliver a reliable package that will last thousands of miles and run on pump gas.

  3. For step one, I did not want to bore the cylinder, developing more heat and a shorter life of the cylinder sleeves and top end components.

  4. For step one I wanted too stick with the stock cams and carbs to try to retain that great midrange and see what I could come up with.

  5. Why not turbo charge it, you say? Well, I've also built over 30 turbo bikes. Turbos can build tremendous horsepower but it's not the kind of power I like for an everyday driver. On a mountain road, there's nothing like the drivability of a well tuned, normally aspirated engine coming off a corner. What I really like is the most linear power band possible for everyday enjoyment.

    "I learned long ago that basically your engine is just an air pump."

  6. I decided to concentrate on compression and air flow for a first step effort.

  7. I developed my exclusive Holeshot J&E 11.1 CR Stock Bore Piston Kit. I figured the motor is big enough to push quite a bit of air and this also retains the thick sleeves with a nice round factory bore job.

  8. Holeshot Performance Street Strip Cylinder Head Port & Polish. Any engine builder knows most of the horsepower is in the cylinder head. It so happens that the B-12 is very close if not the same casting as the 1990 GSX-R. This is by far the best one to start with. Our Street Strip cylinder haed includes extensive porting on intake and exhaust ports, sharpening all the port dividers, matching and blending the manifolds, 3 angle diamond cut competition valve job and surface milling to reduce chamber size. Our Street Strip head with stock valves will flow over 120 CFM and is good enough to make up to 150 to 160+ rear wheel horsepower.

  9. Dyno Results (Dale's Bandit) - All Dyno runs were performed on the same DYNOJET dyno at Cycle Imagery in Santa Cruz, CA. All future engine development will be performed on Dale's new in house DYNOJET dyno.

    Dale's Stock B-12:
    94 horsepower @ 8600 RPM
    68 ft-lbs torque @ 6200 RPM

    Dale's B-12 with Holeshot Holeshot S/O without jetting:
    108 horsepower @ 8800 RPM
    77 ft-lbs torque @ 6200 RPM

    Dales B-12 with Holeshot Holeshot S/O, Holeshot Stage 2 Jet Kit (no air box):
    115 horsepower @ 8800 RPM (Note: one pull made 117 hp)
    81 ft-lbs torque @ 6200 RPM

    Dales B-12 with Holeshot Holeshot S/O, Holeshot Stage 2 Jet Kit, Holeshot Piston Kit and Street Strip Cylinder Head, Holeshot Timing Advancer, Stock Cams and carbs:
    131 horsepower @ 8900 RPM
    87.5 ft-lbs torque @ 6200 RPM

  10. Conclusion: Dale's mild stage one combination is the best 131hp he's ever ridden. The power delivery is so smooth and so broad across the rpm range it's a real pleasure to ride. It makes tons of torque at a low rpm and the power peaks out at a moderate 9000 rpm, so you don't have to beat the motor. Dr. Dale planned these results from the beginning. The majority of bandit owners bought a B-12 because they really appreciate this type of power delivery.

    Dale's Stock Bike: 94 horsepower
    Step 1 Project Bike: 131 horsepower
    Total Gain: 37 horsepower

    Dale's Stock Bike: 68.0 ft-lbs torque
    Step 1 Project Bike: 87.5 ft-lbs torque
    Total Gain: 19.5 ft-lbs torque

Cost Breakdown For Complete Stage 1 Power Upgrade

Holeshot slip-on $309.00 each
Holeshot Stage 2 Jet Kit $248.00 each
Holeshot +5° Advancer $42.00 each
Holeshot/JE 11.1 CR Piston Kit $589.00 each
Holeshot Street Strip Cylinder Headwork $650.00 each
TOTAL COST $1838.00

We have now tested the GSX-R intake cam with the above combination and got an amazing 7-8 more horsepower for a total of 136.7 hp. For more info please go to the Bandit Cams an Adjustable Sprockets page.

New Holeshot Header Makes Big Power.

New Holeshot Holeshot Header: Dale has now prototyped and tested his new Holeshot Stepped front header system. The stepped primary tube combination is the secret. This design really made incredible gains across the board on Dale's project bike. It pulled 12 more peak horsepower and at 10,000 it was up an unreal 18 horsepower. Dale's standard bore Stage 1 project motor produced 148.2 hp with the new Holeshot header. It also broke 90 ft-lbs of torque on one pull at 7000 rpm.
The construction will be precision tig welded thin wall light weight mild steel. The new Holeshot Header will be sterling silver jet hot ceramic coated inside and out. This retains the heat in the pipe, increases flow, and eliminates corrosion and scaling inside the head pipes. We will offer a lifetime rust through warranty on our new header. It will mate to our current Holeshot Slip-on System or your original elbow pipe, so you can upgrade your current Slip-on system or purchase the Holeshot Header as a complete exhaust. We will also be offering a high pipe version in addition to our current design. Click here for photos and dyno numbers.
Dale recently tested his B-12 at Sacremento Drag strip. With yours truely at the controls the standard bore engine combo ripped out a 9.82 E.T. @ 138.18 mph. WOW. Click for Action Shots.
This should take care of most sport bikes, and run head to head with the birds of prey, if not beat them in the 1/4 mile.

Here's the exact numbers from Dale's time slip:
60 ft: 1.52
330 ft: 4.11
660 ft: 6.28
mph 660 ft: 113.50
990 ft: 8.18
E.T.: 9.82
mph: 138.18

New Holeshot/JE 1216cc Kit Now Available.

1216 cc Big Bore Kit: once Dale's satisfied with the power output of the standard bore set up it will be time to go BIG. After much thought 1216 cc's is Dale's choice. This can safely be bored in the stock cylinder sleeves and big bore head gaskets are readily available for this bore size. The key is Dale has developed his own dome design working with the JE Piston Co. The compression ratio is kept at a moderate 10.8:1, eliminating any overheating problems, will run on pump gas and offer very high reliability. This will produce around 150 horsepower with tons of mid-range , arm stretching grunt.

Dale's 1216 project motor is now together, broken in and dyno'ed. Click here for results.

It looks like 2000 and beyond is going to be very exciting for the Bandit and Holeshot Performance.

Boy, I better get to work.
"Dale Walker"

photo: Kevin Wing


Click Here For Dyno Chart

 Check out our customer Tommy J Hall's Standard Bore Project Bandit results:
Hello fron Salt Lake City. Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how my project Bandit turned out. I had the full set of mods done including the complete exhaust system with Holeshot header, stage 2 jet, GSXR intake cam, street-strip head port, JE 11-1 pistons, and the ignition advancer. The bike is an absolute rocket now. My first dyno run was 138.7 HP and that was only to 9000 RPMs. After a number of heat cycles and more break-in it hit 146.4 HP. I know there is a margin of error but it sure does not feel like it. A few of my R1 buddies have ridden it and are absolutely flabbergasted. I can't say enough about Dale and his shop. He was extremely helpful when ordering parts and would always answer tech questions when called. The parts were top quality and would always arrive promptly. I also got the extended swingarm to keep the damn thing on the ground. What a piece of art this was. I have had more GSXR riders ask me about it and where they can get one. The work speaks for itself. Once again, thanks, and I am sure I will be calling in the near futurefor many more parts. This Bandit is the most addictive bike I have ever ridden. Happy riding!

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