Bandit 600/1200 Streetfighter
Headlight Kit

Will fit 96-99 B-6 and 96-00 B-12

I have completely re-designed the Bandit Streetfighter Headlight Kit. Here are some of the first photos of our new product. It is available now.

Note: 600 will require shimming between clamps and fork tubes.

Holes can easily be drilled in side plates to mount any mini-style blinkers. Click here.

Shown here with optional Holeshot Fly screen. Click here to see updated Second Generation Fly Screen.

Holeshot Bandit Streetfighter Headlight Kit
Part no. SF-HK $299.00

Second Generation Holeshot Fly Screen (optional)
ready for painters prep
Part no. H-FS $149.95

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(Prices subject to change without notice)


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