ZRX-1100 Owner Testimonials:
(from the ZRX-1100 talk list & Holeshot e-mail)

Greg Perdue:
Thanks for all your help and expertise in the fabrication of your new exhaust system on my new ZRX 1100 Kawasaki. The fit, performance, and appearance of your products are truly top shelf!! I'm looking forward to working with you on my project ZRX in the future. Thanks again Dale.

Dale would like to thank local ZRX owner Greg Perdue for the use of his bike for testing. The above photo is of Dale himself with the first pre-production Holeshot® Vortex™ Slip-on and Stage 2 Jet Kit installed. Dale will be taking delivery of his own ZRX very soon, so stay tuned. Many new hot-rod part will be in the works.

Cooper wrote:

Hi gang,
Dale's jet kit came yesterday afternoon! My friend (the Suzuki mechanic) & I started on the install this evening around 8:00 PM. We took our time, no hurrying. By 10:00 or so we had everything back together & out driving the bike. It was 39 degrees by then so I just hopped on it & did a few first & second gear roll ons, impressive, had to drive it about 15 or 16 miles to go home from there. 4th & 5th gear roll ons appeared just as responsive; cruise speed was smooth also. I'm HAPPY! All we did was set it to the base line settings that Dale had recommended! Installation was a whole lot easier than when we did my GSX. I will try to set up for an appointment for the dyno tomorrow! Let you know more about the results after testing. By the way, first & second are even more fun now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Lawson:

Just finished installing my Vortex and stage II kit on my ZRX. Everything went great and it runs smoother than ever. Sounds great and pulls strong. I was hesitant to pay the extra money for the Holeshot but I am glad I did. You get what you pay for.

Jeff Brunelle:

I just got the final jetting done on my 2000 ZRX. I started with Dale's recommended settings for his stage 2 kit and the bike ran good. Then I started fine tuning it and after four tries I think I got it almost perfect. I live in Tampa and my final settings are mains=132, needles=3 1/2 (3 and a shim he provided on each), pilot=2 1/2 turns out. The weather is cool and low humidity - the bike runs great. I have a Kerker slip-on (I got it prior to Dale finishing his). With a normal start from a stop, rolling the throttle open smoothly at about 2000 rpm, ( not snapping it open), the bike pulls very strong and when the tach hits about 6000 rpm the front end comes straight up in the air. Hit 2nd and straight up it comes again. I can get it about a foot off the ground hitting 3rd. All shifts are around 10,500 rpm. Needless to say it runs like a totally different bike. Very smooth from idle to red line, no bogging or hesitation, just smooth power. I thanked Dale for putting so much effort into his jet kit, and talking to me into the stage 2 instead of the stage 1 kit. The bike looks better and is much easier to work on, I can pull the carbs in 5 minutes. I highly recommend these products.

Mark#18 asked:

I just talked to my mechanic and he said that I should go with the stage 1 jet kit and stock air filter because it would be harder to maintain proper settings for the stage 3 jet kit and K&N filters. He said that the stage 3 and pod filters would make the bike run worse when you ride in different weather conditions from the type of weather there was on the day you installed and set them up. He also suggested that when the bike was cold it would not run as well with this conversion.

I guess he thought it would be more of a pain in the ass if the bike ran worse in different weather conditions and when it was cold than the extra gain in hp and torque over the stage 1 jet kit and stock filter. I am also doing the ZX11 cams and full exhaust with the jet kit and filters (if I decide to do the filters). The weather conditions do change a lot here in Vancouver, Canada but I only ride in the summer anyway. What do you guys think? Is the mechanic right - is there a big difference in fussiness with regard to the way the bike runs from stage 1 and stock filter over the stage 3 and pod filters? On the Muzzy comparison there is about a 4 hp difference and 5 ft-lbs of torque between the two options. I may not even be able to tell the difference right? HELP!!!!

Jeff replied:
All the mechanics in Tampa told me the same thing, I went over to Walker's stage 2 kit with individual filters. The bike runs very smooth and idles better. I have gone from 80 deg. with high humidity to 40 deg. and almost no humidity and the bike runs the same. Dale put a lot of work into the jet kit to get good drivability all around. The biggest thing is to take your time and get it jetted properly. It's easy to do, the bike looks better and is much easier to work on. Go wit Dale's kit.

Walt Cloudt (Chester, VA) :

Howdy Dale,
Thanks for your kind assistance in taking my order and making yourself personally available for questions. My Holeshot Stage II kit for the ZRX1100 was received in the time promised, was complete and the instructions were very easy to follow. With the Stage II, which includes the K&N Pod Filters, jet changes are now super easy and quick. It's worth the extra money to go Stage II and get rid of the stock air box! I'm also very pleased that no reed plates are required with your Stage II kit.

I haven't gotten to ride my bike to refine the jetting because of all the snow, but with the kit installed it started easily, ran smooth and warmed up nicely. I have every expectation that the initial jetting will be very close. I can't wait for warmer weather!

Thanks again for a fine product and the best service anyone could ask for. I'll certainly recommend Holeshot to all my friends.

Joe Semens wrote:
Installed the jet kit and S/O...I can't describe the difference. (It reminds me of my old H2 with the Denco stuff and portjob, but more so). And with all that plastic gone , it really cleans up the bike's look. But the power...I think all the 18HP made it. I set everything like the instructions said and the bike runs perfect.

Daniel Dahle wrote:
Got my new ZRX 1100 slip-on yesterday, and after only 4 working days. Install was a breeze, so I was able to ride in about 15 minutes from the time I grabbed the tools. Didn't really get a chance to give it too much of a workout as it started raining 5 minutes into my ride. But I could tell the sound, look and performance are great, and I am looking forward to the header. Thanks for taking the time to answer all of my questions and for the quick shipment. You can count me as your newest happy customer.

Lynn Swearingen wrote:
My wife, bless her, bought me a Vortex slip-on and Stage 2 jetting for Valentine's Day. Procrastinator that I am, I just got everything installed and buttoned up at 9:00 PM last night, (5/10/00). After a quick blast down the bypass my seat-of-the-pants dyno confirms your tuning instructions as well as your dyno figures. I came right home to change my shorts and replace the batteries in my pacemaker.

Keep up the good work. My only regret is that I didn't buy two Vortex slip-ons - one to run on the ZRX1100 and the other to display on my mantle as an object d'art. Thanks a million.


Larry wrote:
Anybody Using Dale Walker's bolt on? I do not want to change cams, I am looking to preserve low end torque and boost overall. I'm not racing, but everyone wants "more power".
Dale's dyno numbers seem to suggest and increase of hp and torque at EVERY rpm. That impresses me. I want to here from Holeshot owners, and if anyone was able to actually compare 2 or more systems -- I would love to hear what you found.


Registered User
Re: Anybody Using Dale Walker's bolt on?

Just put on the Vortex Saturday...excellent quality...nice deep growl as the man says himself! Sounds mean like the Rex should! Seems peppier, I did not do a dyno kit,YET. It's a great value, all said for $320. Cosmetically alone it's worth it. I hated the stock can! Ugly and stuffed to the gills!
I can't wait til the stepped header becomes available to complete the transition.

Thanks, Holeshot!

Re: Anybody Using Dale Walker's bolt on?

As of this writing, I am running a full Tsukigi stainless system with carbon fiber race canister, but before that I had the Vortex mounted, with stock jetting.
It is a great canister, like he said above, give a low growl that turns into a pretty good shriek at redline!The bike ran very good when it was on, not wanting to stay in touch with the ground (the front tire, that is...) anytime you hammered the throttle in the first few gears.
If you want a simple bolt on, I highly recommend the Vortex from Holeshot!

kawa zrex

Registered User
Dale's can

I ran his s/o and stage 2 jet kit /w filter pods. Man did the mid range power pick up. There was a major diff in the performance. Just imagine your stock zrx with alot more of what it has where it has it. The exhaust is more of a work of art than just a performance mod. I love the looks of the can and sound is second to none. You can come home after a late night of riding and still not wake up the neighbors.

John #1041

Brian Bell wrote:
I can't say when I put up so little and got back so much. Your ZRX JK2 and S/O are one hell of a bang for the buck. Beautiful craftsmanship on the can. And the kit you put together was easy to install and had everything I needed. Looking forward to the full header system.


Ken Ward:
Hi Dale,   I just finished installing your Stage 2 kit on my wife's '00 ZRX.  The kit is superb and was a piece of cake to install.  I really like the breather location.  I used the 135 mains, 3 turns on the mixture screws, and clip position #4.  The carburetion, throughout the rev range, is flawless.  I am indeed impressed.  Thanks again for another great, well R&D'd, product.

Nick Stewart, (Rockville, MD):
I recently ordered the ZRX1100 slip-on from you and installed it last weekend. Fit and finish is excellent. I love the sound, which is just right. Civilized at low rpms, but really growls when you get on it. Bike did not get a flat spot, nor popping on deceleration (just some nice gurgling). Only thing I've noticed is that the bike takes more choke when starting it up cold.
In sum, I love the pipe and recommend it to anyone with a Z-REX.

Larry Estatico:
I added the Stage II about a month after these photos where taken. (The photos show the Vortex™ exhaust, Rifle Fairing and Givi luggage installed on Larry's ZRX1100.)

Brian Bell wrote:
Got the ZRX 1100 fork brace last week. Just put it on this last Saturday. That was about as easy as screwing in a light bulb. That thing is rock solid. And really nice craftsmanship. Not only does it help on the corners, but I find that after you get the front wheel of the ground, the brace makes it a little more stable when it comes back down. Any word on the header system???
Keep the goodies coming.

Victor Villanueva
ZRXOA Member #1434:

Aloha Dale,
I just got my slip-on pipe for my 2000 ZRX1100! Great job! Great Service! Great Product!! My bike sound awesome! Thanks!!

Steve Roche 2000 ZRX1100 - Green Monster
ZRXOA #1609:

I just installed the header upgrade(Dale says I'm one of the 1st) I've had the stage II and Holeshot slip-on since last Sept. My elevation is probably no more than 2-300 ft. above sea level. I've got my settings at 132mains, air screws at 2.5 turns from fully in, needles on 4th clip from bottom, plus a washer(same as it was before the header upgrade). Excellent power, no surges or stumbles in any part of the rev range. Mileage actually improved with the header upgrade to avg. 35mpg , compared to about 33mpg with slip-on/stageII only, but the grin factor post-mods makes me not care about mileage. Build quality of the header is excellent, much nicer than the stock header, (cleaner welds, gloss black paint).
One note, after I installed the header system, the power band moved up in the rev range a bit, but I like revving my bike anyway, so I don't mind. The Holeshot system also is a good 20-25lbs lighter than stock, the added benefit of which seems to be quicker handling (to me anyway). I haven't dyno'ed it yet, but the power is definitely UP. I may swap out the 132s for the 130s that came with the jet kit, as I'm still running rich(better than lean).
Plus, I like the fact that I've got a different exhaust than the Muzzy/Kerker sheep (grin).

Dave (Butler, PA)
I got your new slip on for my ZRX 1200. I just wanted to write to say I love it.it sounds and looks great. the flange is very profesional. Thanks.

Dave (Bullhead City, AZ)
I just installed the Holeshot pipe on my ZRX1200 and as always you were right. WOOOWWW. I had to go back a couple of miles to get my adams apple that came out the back of my neck. It looks and sounds great. I will highly recommend your product to anyone who owns a ZRX1200. The craftsmanship is superb.

Bill Fletcher (The ATM Guy)
I recently purchased a Holeshot "Slip On" exhaust for my 2001 ZRX-1200R. Right away noticed the quicker response and boost in horse power. The deep resonating sound my bike now makes is music to my ears. I am very glad that I choose your "Slip On."

David Ogle (Daytona Beach, FL)

I received the new Vortex slip-on for my Kawasaki ZRX1200R today. I had it installed within a 1/2 hour and couldn't get my riding gear on fast enough! It sounds sweet and the fit and finish is impeccable. I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks for producing such a great product for this bike. Hopefully a full header and stage 2 jet kit is in the cards before bike week 2002 here in Daytona.

Thanks again for a beautiful product!

Mark A. Sheetz (Sigourney, IA)
We finally got the Jet Kit II installed on my bike. With your instructions it was a breeze. We had a little trouble w/the throttle cable, but not anything major. The bike looks great w/the air-box out of the way. It really cleaned up the looks of the bike. I rode it yesterday for the 1st time and all I can say is WOW!!!! Your products have taken a fast bike, and turned it into a reliable rocket!!! I can't believe the difference. I really thought w/the slip-on & Jet Kit the bike would be louder than it is, but I'm glad it's not. I LOVE IT !!! Thanks for the help, you're a classy down to earth type guy w/1st class products. I'll definitely recommend Holeshot to anyone. Am looking forward to doing business with you again.

Bill Locke
Dale, I just received and installed a Holeshot slip on and a Stage two jet kit for my 2001 ZRX-1200R. Absolutely awesome. I also installed a slip on and stage 1 jet kit for my wifes 2001 ZR-7.

The quality of all of this equipment was first class. The bikes look, sound, and run great. Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know we appreciate the work you have put into getting everything just right before you sell it to the public.


Hey Gang!! Well, we got the dyno run on eddies bike monday!! To start off let me correct what I had first stated as his stock Hp...it was 113.0 not 113.8 and with 75.1 ft. pounds of torque...after the Holeshot exhaust system and stage 2 jet kit we got 130.8 Hp. with 85.2 ft pounds of torque......the gas sniffer showed the mix. to be dead on also.....hats off to Dale Walker at Holeshot again! that's all for now......coop


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