The FJR 1300 Superbrace fork stabilizer is CNC machined from 6061-T6 air craft aluminum. This fork brace fits like a glove, looks trick and will really help the front end of your FJR feel more stable when you push it hard. It helps reduce high and low speed wobbles, improves handling, front tire life, and reduces cupping. Each Superbrace is designed for the specific model, machined within .002 of and inch, then polished to a beautiful mirror finish. The FJR Superbrace is available for the standard and ABS models 2003-2005 and is easily installed by any home tuner in 10 to 15 minutes.

Optional chrome fork protectors are also available upon request.

FJR Superbrace 2003-2005 Non ABS Models
Part No. 1128 $165.95
FJR Superbrace 2003-2008 ABS Models
Part No. 1129 $190.95
Optional bolt on fork protectors
Part No. 6001 $28.50 per set