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V-Max Owner Testimonials
(From V-Max Club & Holeshot e-mail)

Rick Crandlemire wrote:
Hi Dale , we just installed your 10" Bad Boys on my 86 V Max . Nick my tech guy " aka " buddy kept raving about the quality and great craftsmanship you have put this project !! The fit was spot on ! The sound I can't get enough of !! Thanks for the superior performance. I will be in touch next week as I plan to jet my carbs . Thanks Dale

Rob (Alberta Canada):
Hi Dale,
Thanks for the 4 into 2 exhaust. The only engine modification I had before the Dale Walker exhaust, was the 39mm FCR Keihin Carbs. Once the Exhaust was installed........ What a kick in the pants!!! I had it at the dyno on Friday. I know it needed a bit more fine tuning and a bit more main jet but I had to do the dyno when I did. I will do the fine tuning here and there and take it to the dyno shop again in the spring. It did a 124 RWhp and 80 FTlbs.

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Edwin, Netherlands:
IHi Dale,
Greetings from the netherlands!
The holeshot 4-1 exhaust are mounted! It is perfect! What a nice fit and the sound it's great. It lasted 10 days before I got the exhaust in home and had to pay  taxes....
That's all in the game!
I had no chance to ride my vmax, its snowing now!!
Snow at easter that's not common here at this time, it should be riding

I just installed your new stainless steel v-max exhaust & jet kit.They both were easy to install just like the instructions said.I love the new soond.The bike runs like a rocket.Thanks for all your help keep up the good work.

Dick McDougall wrote:
Hi Dale,
Just wanted to let you know, I got the 155 jets and the K&N right on time (thanks very much) and installed exactly as you had written... drilled out pilot plugs out-turned 3 exactly each... installed 4 into 1 Holeshot exhaust and guess what... the Vmax runs like a rocket.. without any hitch at all.. none. The tune is like a swiss watch. Thanks for your fine products, service, and expertise Dale (and Eric)... you guys got it down. I will pass on my great satisfaction to all the riders I know. I work at Spokane Yamaha/Triumph here in Spokane in sales and am 50 years old. I have had 39 motorcycles and currently own 12. Everything from an 898 Jawa alcohol speedway upright (my son races it at Orange County Speedway every saturday night) to the Max we just fitted with your products. Keep up the fine R&D and work you do. I'm impressed, and very appreciative.
Sincerely, Dick McDougall
Team Hotshoe
Spokane, WA

Dave Colombo wrote:
I have a 2001 Vmax and just installed your fork springs, fork brace and frame braces. What a differance it made in the handling, no more shakes in the turns and much better brake feel. The new springs don't take the bumps as well as the stock springs but more than make up for it in handling, braking and accelerating. I did have to cut the stock spring spacer 1 1/4" with the new springs installed to keep the front of the bike at the stock ride height.

Thanks again for your advise,

John Chapman, Creston CA:
Dear Holeshot Performance,
I recently purchased your "Holeshot V-Max Anti-Flex Frame Brace Kit". WOW! What a difference. The bike (1994 V-Max) used to be a handful because of the front-end shake and the frame flex. Now it is a handful because I'm able to use the horsepower that the bike wants to deliver. Thank you very much! Awesome job people! Do you guys have any more tricks for the V-Max? Please clue me in if you do.
Thanks again,

Blue Teeter, Charlotte, NC:
I installed the fork brace and frame brace on my '92 V-Max. I would have never believed the difference that this made in the ridability of this bike. I was hoping that it would make a difference, but was very pleased to find that it was like riding a different bike.

Dave Parkhill wrote:
Dear Dale,
I just put on the new Holeshot 4-2 Exhaust System as well as the Stage 1 Power Package on my 93 V Max. Holy $%*!@##!!!! This is the best thing that I could have ever put on my bike. It looks and sounds AWESOME!!!!!! I took it on a 50 mile ride right afterwards and it rode better than before. The power difference is amazing!! Thank you for easy to follow instructions. They were very helpful. I recommend this exhaust system and power package for anyone with a V Max. You will not believe your eyes or ears!
Sincerely, Dave Parkhill

Doug wrote:
Dale: I picked up the V-Max today from Lyle Lovett Motorsports -- they did the installation of the exhaust system and the 3-way switch. All I can say is WOW! -- what a difference in performance and sound. They told me that when Chris, the V-Max wrench, demo'd the bike, the whole place shut down to go outside and see what was happening. All they said when I picked it up today was to "be careful; it's really fast" ... Chris said it's the fastest V-Max he's ever ridden. Add the sound of the exhaust system to that and it's a real winner. No problem at all on the installation. Everything went smooth and Chris said the instruction were right on. He did have to grind a bit off the centerstand.
Thanks -- you do good work and I'm most appreciative of your fast service and excellent product. I'll see if I can round up some Houston customers for you.

Dave Colombo (Joppa, MD):
I just installed your new 4-2 V-max exhaust and stage 1 jet kit w/K&N filter and I can't get the smile off my face. The sound is unbelievable and the looks are beautiful. The design is much simpler, it took longer to take the old exhaust off than it did to put the new one on. I feel much safer now that cars can hear me coming. Shoot, everybody hears me coming now. Dale, you and your staff do beautiful work.
Thanks again,
Dave Colombo

I just wanted to let you know I have installed the headers. The exhaust note is unbelievebly awesome!! The twins mufflers creates the stereo effect which I find wild.

I am a hopeless novice and had no trouble installing the system. It took about 2 hours, which for me is great as I am mechanically challenged. As you know, I have left the Carbs completely stock. It accelerates smooth with a noticeable increase in power. I can't wait to re-jet my carbs.


Phillip Goode (Falls Church, VA) on New V-Max 4-2 Exhaust System:
Dale -- They look nice and sound nice. I like the way they are tucked in between the lower frame rails. Very nice surface finish on the CNC portion and the welds "looked" first class. Now, I will have to ride a little more conservatively in town! I am very pleased with them. Thanks.

John Parker:
Hi Dale,
I would like to thank you for your new 4-2 pipes. Their fit and finish are second to none, the installation was a snap and I didn't have to adjust a thing. After I got my jetting sorted out, I ran it on the new Dynojet 250 dynamometer and got 120 hp. The mid-range and torque were so strong I quickly realized how worn my clutch plates were. The sound from these pipes are like nothing I have ever heard, I go down the street and parents come running out to grab their children! Thank you, Dale, for doing the quality of work that's hard to find these days.

I just installed your 4-2 exhaust on my '02 V-Max, holy f'n shit does it sound awesome!! I haven't even done the jet kit yet (I have it though), and can't wait to feel the performance difference! Well, I'll be sure to recommend your exhaust to anyone I know looking for a performance system.
Take care,

Andrew Chiappa:

We spoke a couple of weeks ago about purchasing the Vmax exhaust. I did indeed order your exhaust and had it sent to Action Yamaha in Metuchen NJ. They put it on and jetted my bike. I got it back today. I must say your exhaust is a masterpiece. It looks and sounds great! I am very pleased with your product and will mention it to everyone who owns a Vmax and is looking for the same as I was. It has a the rumble I was after. Not too too loud. Just right! I would like to purchase a couple of other things from you in the future,like the fork brace and frame braces. But first, let me rebuild some funds.

Again thank you for everything.
Andrew Chiappa

Dan Irland (Rochester, NY):
Dale, Purchased your 4 into 2 Holeshot exhaust w/ Stage 1 jet kit and I absolutely love it. I have it set up for low end power and it flies out of the hole in a hurry. Everything installed easily in one day, it looks and sounds great. Congrats on a well designed system. You've got another happy customer over here on the east coast. However, I now need a new back tire already! Take care and keep up the good work.

Richard Michaux:
I just had your full 4 into 2 system installed along with the Stage 1 jet kit and K & N filter and all i can say is "WOW" !!!!! My 2003 V-MAX sounds and pulls awsome. Outstanding workmanship on the system and your tuning instructions were dead on. I am an extremely happy customer with your products and will be a future buyer. Thanks for your love of the mighty V-MAX.

Glenn Klement:

I finally got my '96 Vmax back on the road after some extensive modifications. Top of the list of items added were your 4 into 2 pipe and Stage 1 jetting kit.

The pipe and jet kit were a breeze to install, and your instructions for the jet kit were excellent - very clear and easy to follow. The sound of the bike is now what it should be - grunty and deep with a rumbling growl which gives a warning to what the bike is all about. Beautiful music!! I live at sea level (Sydney Australia) and the jetting mods were spot on with your instructions. After I balanced the carbs it purred like a lion! The bike really punches a lot harder now, in fact it feels like I've lightened the flywheel because it revs up a lot quicker. Excellent!

The quality of your pipe is excellent, certainly on par with anything else (and well above some others) that I have purchased over the past 26 years and 19 bikes. The fit, the finish, and look, the sound, and the performance totally meet my high expectations. I am extremely pleased that I chose your pipe over all the other options available for the Vmax. Excellent product!!!

Thanks so much for producing such an excellent product and for delivering it to me on time, as promised, all the way down under to Sydney, Australia.


Eric Sepos:
Hi Dale,

Pipes have been installed and look and sound incredible. Extremely happy with them.

Thanks again,

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Glenn Klement, (Sydney, Australia):
To All,

three months ago I bought a very tired '96 Vmax and set about "updating" it and creating a personal statement . All of your businesses contributed to the project with parts I purchased from you. Some contributions were more than others. The sum total is one hell of a power cruiser! I'm very happy with my "new" toy and thank all of you for the excellent service and products you supplied. Attached are a few photos of my new pride and joy.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards,


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Mark Brillhart:

I just wanted to drop you an email regarding the VMAX exhaust system I picked up last Saturday. Thanks again for letting me stop by on your day off to pick up the system. Fit and finish is world class. Installation was smooth (little bit of dremel action on the center stand to clear, did not even need to remove it from the bike). It was harder removing the old stock exhaust than installing the Hole Shot system. The sound is spectacular. Not too obnoxious at lower RPM and growls like a bear when I open up the throttle. Thanks again for a great product, great support and great attitude. I can't wait to install the Jet Kit.

Mark Brillhart:

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your great service and products. I recently installed your Vmax Stage I jet kit (to go along with my Hole Shot exhaust) and all I can say is the results are incredible. Power boost throughout the RPM range while maintaining streetability. The pipes sound great (but not obnoxiously loud).

I also installed the mini blinker kit. Great quality (down to the compatible with stock bullet wire connectors). Great look and easy installation (a common theme with all Dale Walker products). I also want to thank your office team. 5 mins to order, no confusion and the parts shipped when promised.

Thanks again for offering great parts, service and your technical input (you spent 15 mins with me on the phone and 30 mins each time I picked up parts at your facility). Also, thanks for taking the time to show my 4 year old son you latest drag bike. You made his day (mine too).

Take care

Sean Erickson:

Just wanted to let you know how much I liked your 4 into 2 exhaust system for my VMAX. The look is awesome. The first time I saw it I was skaking with joy. I purchased the system, had it within a few days, and within 2-3 hours after receiving the system I was rollin! The sound is incredible, not defening, but loud. I am very pleased with the final product. The fit and finish is excellent and the quality is top notch. I have had several compliments on the sound. Its funny because alot of people where I'm from don't know what the bike is, plus there aren't alot of V-four bikes made today so the sound is unique. I also want to say how much I appreciate the service and prompt delivery. If I had a question I could just call and talk to Dale directly. I don't know many places where that is possible. Thanks Dale and Holeshot staff for great service and quality products.

A very satisfied and future customer

Mike Fisher (Fredericksburg Va):
I have used your products on 2 Vmaxs and now my FZ1. I am 150% satified with the performance and quality of your products. The Holeshot jet kit, timing advancer and exhaust made my 02 FZ1 run incredibly smoother and as expected like a bat out of hell. The instructions were very clear and the recommended setup was on the mark. Most importantly, I recently had a rattle in the muffler which I called about and talked directly to Dale. I sent this back and it was immediately fixed and returned to me. Dale even called to let me know when he was done. I just wanted to say that your customer service even surpasses your incredible products. Any time I have had a question about installation or parts, Dale himself usually addresses it. It's not often you find a business that is run this well. Holeshot Inc has been and will always be my first and foremost choice for their top notch products and unsurpassable customer support. Keep up the good work!

Steve Smith (Ashburn, VA):
Dale, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with 4-2 exhaust and stage one kit I had installed on my 03 v-max this summer. The sound is awesome and the performance increase is unreal. The exhaust is a thing of beauty. The workmanship was outstanding. I get looks everywhere I go. Keep up the good work.

Ben (Williamsburg, Va):
I installed your Holeshot 4-2 exhaust system with the Stage 1 Jet Kit on my 2002 VMax and the kick in the pants was unreal. The sound and power when I crack the throttle is remarkable. The quality, sound and fit of the whole setup is awesome. Thanks Dale

Don Curtis, (San Diego, CA):

I am sending you a picture of my Max with your 4-2 exhaust. They look, sound and perform awesome! Thanks, Don Curtis San Diego VMOA#3096

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tony heath:
just wanted to say this exhaust is great my 98 vmax has 127.38 rwhp and 78.56 ft-lbs of torque with a stage one dynojet kit k&n filter and your exhaust.

Glenn Klement wrote:
Hi Dale

I am extremely pleased with getting 126 hp out of a Vmax with over 26,000 miles on the motor (43,000kms). I'm currently running your 4-2 header and stage one jet kit. The motor feels smooth and strong. I have only had the bike for a few months and have put 1,500 miles on it since I bought it. As you can see from the attached photo, I added quite a few "bits" to change it from the stock condition it was in. I was hoping your pipe would give me a result close to 120hp. To get 126hp and know I can probably tune the carbs a bit better, simply confirms my decision to choose your pipe over all the other ones out there!

Kind Regards,

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Trent wrote:
Thanks for the Holeshot 4-2 system with Black Satin cans...they rock! The sound is louder than stock, but deeper for a nice rumble. The fit and finish were next to none...beautiful! Thanks for the personal service over the phone and the quick shipping (less than a week!!). Very satisfied customer!

Al Hawes wrote:
(V -Max 4-2 Full header system)
Hello Dale

The parts arrived last Thursday and I completed everything Saturday afternoon (took some extra time cleaning while I had everything disassembled) Busted it off...Man I like it the Exhaust fit perfect and the carb adjustments were a breeze. I was impressed with the quality. Made a big difference in power too.

Tony Accorsi wrote:
Dale, installed your new 4/2 exhaust on my '05 Max 2 days ago. As usual the fit & finish was excellent. I replaced my 4/1 system with yours & anm now enjoying increased low & mid range acceleration according to my "butt dyno". Your staff was very cordial & most professional especially Liza.
Tony Accorsi, Attorney
(VMOA 2103).

Doug C. wrote:
Hi Dale. My name is Doug C. and I just completed the install of your holeshot exhaust on my 86 V-max. There is a Big difference in power and it looks and sounds great. I also installed the progressive shocks and they look great as well. I wanted to thank you and your helpful staff for everything. I ride with guys that have V-max bikes as well and have reccommended your web site to them . Thanks again!

Dylan Wurfel wrote:
Hi,sorry for the trio of e-mails but I just wanted to give you a sincere thank you for taking time to chat with me regarding you're vmax exhaust. I've had bikes all my life and have always hot rodded them up a bit but I'm somewhat new to the max world. I find you get pulled in alot of directions with this bike and are told alot buy the so called experts. I've contacted several vendors before regarding products only to find I got lied too, no return of e-mails or phone calls and just overall a dissapointing customer service and business ethic. Every business out there will have someone who will complain about them as there are some people out there you just can't make happy no matter what and some people are just very negative and or jealous. I like to base things on my own findings as I'm a fussy guy and expect alot when I'm spending my hard earned $. I just wanted to give you a thumbs up for answering my questions and taking time for me, the customer when you are obviously very busy.There are few businesses/places left in the world, where you get to talk to "the big kahuna". So far I'm very impressed and can not wait to get your product on my vmax. I'll be recommending you to those that I know. Let me know when she's ready and we'll get er done.
Best Regards.

Chris Smith wrote:
Hello Dale,

I purchased your 4 into 2 a week ago and received it in a very short time and of course couldn't wait to install. I have to say that everything was straight forward and easy to do. I also want to point out that the #1 reason why I bought your system was due to the fact that you answered your e-mails and phone calls in a very timely manner. The #2 reason was your reputation with the SV1000 boys which I am also part of... Not one to name names, but one of your competitors didn't even call or e-mail me back and the other took 3 weeks to call me back. Service before the sale... That is what won me over. If you are willing to help me before I buy something from you then I know that you will serve me well after I purchase something.
The sound of this system is low and rumbles well. I am comparing it to your previous 4 into 1 which has a different sound, not better and not worse but different than the 4 into 2. I installed your jet kit and K&N filter which went very smoothly and was worth the time. Here are some attached pics of my 2K6 VMAX which has been modified in other ways as well...Just let me finish buy saying that this IS a quality and bad ass system.

Chris Smith

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Darren Burnett wrote:
Dale, snapped a couple of quick pics for ya!!

Hey listen, I have drag-raced bikes many years and am used to performance upgrades making subtle improvements. Pal, I tell ya what, the exhaust, frame connectors and front fork brace your company offers is a package no V Max should be without. Subtle is the last word to use to describe the improvement these items made!!!

I am a very aggressive racer on the track. On the street I am a little less intense (a little) However, I do like to twist on the V Max on occasion and take it through the twisties. Before I installed your items, doing this was a bit risky to say the least. Now the bike is so calm and stable it's unreal.

The V Max is known for it's "rumble", but the Holeshot 4 into 2 really brings notice to the heart of the beast. The bike sounds like music and accelerates cleanly and powerfully throughout the entire RPM range.

Dale, thanks again for the great products and service.

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Pasquale Dell'Aquila wrote:
Here's the most current pic of me and my Vmax. Only a trained eye will be able to spot the 300+ hours of sanding and polishing. I ONLY have 44 items left on my modification list!

Click image to enlarge

Chris Hansen, (Manchester, NY):
I purchased a 4-2 complete exhaust system and Stage one jetkit for my 2006 Vmax. I have to say I still can't stop grinning from ear to ear. The sound and performance is simply amazing. Dale I wanted to thank you for speaking to me and answering all my questions. I would also like to thank you for the quality of your product, your staff did a wonderful job on the finish, ordering and packaging. Installing your 4-2 system and jet kit was straight forward with the included instructions. So far I have purchased a frame brace, manintenance supplys and the exhaust system from dale and every transaction has been flawless. Thank you again dale and to your whole staff.
Chris Hansen
VMOA #4560

Rich wrote:
Hi I just put on my 4 into 2 pipes on my Vmax. I do not know what to say. OK WOW is a good start. Your video does not do them justice. I had the stage one jets put in as well. The sound and power are well F@$king great. Now every body hears me. So thanks for the great pipes.

I still can not get the smile off my face :) :)

Matt Wilson, (Kenya, East Africa):
Hi Dale

'My new 4 into 2 exhaust and stage one tune kit received and fitted  without any problems. Fantastic sound. What was a pathetic sound for such a great engine is transformed by your Holeshot into a growling, deep bellow of a  beast. The bike now sounds like it looks.

I would highly recommend this conversion. Its bettered only by the  level of service you gave. Well done and thanks to all the team at Holeshot.

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