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Speedo Healer

New Updated Version 4!

On most modern motorcycles, with factory speedometer error being as high as 10%, even a modest sprocket gearing change can have the speedometer off by 15%. The sprocket change will also cause higher odometer reading, creating a negative resale factor for no valid reason. The SpeedoHealer is an inexpensive, convenient and very simple way to fix your speedo and odo. Compatible with all motorcycles with non cable driven speedometer.

The kit listed on this page fits these Suzuki models:

All B-1250, GSX-650F, 2000+ B-600 / 650, 2001+ B-1200, All DL-650/1000, SV-650/1000

Programmable Calibrator
  • Calibrate your vehicle's factory speedo and odometer to get 100% accurate readings
  • Make sprocket conversions road legal by speedo re-calibration
  • Convert miles to kilometers and vice versa on import vehicles
  • Set your speedo reading according to the local standard during your trip abroad (e.g. to/from the UK)
Advanced Top Speed Memory
  • Recall your true top speed to your factory speedometer by press of a button

Plug-n-Go kits available for ALL Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles!

Typical Uses

  • Eliminating "factory inaccuracy", which may be as much as 10%
  • Account for changes in tire size/profiles
  • Make gear ratio changes, such as sprocket conversions on motorcycles
  • Get an accurate speedo/odo even on bike engine powered cars, Quads, Snowmobiles
  • By-pass the built-in factory speed limiter on bikes such as the ZX-12R, ZX-14, ZZR1400 (refer to FAQ #22)
  • Mile or kilometer conversion on import vehicles
  • Adjust for new speedo face-plate with different scale
  • Interfacing an aftermarket speedometer
  • Requirement to characterize the display unit of the vehicle (stability, error % and linearity)

What do you gain with SpeedoHealer?

  • Accurate speedometer and/or odometer no matter what you change on your vehicle
  • Your odometer won't show more miles/kms than you ride (RESALE VALUE!)
  • Top Speed Memory (Ever wondered HOW FAST you were going?)
  • Safety: your speedometer will always clearly indicate your actual speed, without lag
  • Your top speed won't be restricted by the factory speed limiter (ZX-12R, ZX-14, ZZR1400)

Product highlights in comparison to other calibrators

  • Widest calibration range (-99.9% to +99.9%) along with the finest increments (0.1%)
  • The best accuracy
  • Has the most features
  • Plug-n-Go Kits are available for Japanese bikes
  • Quick and easy setup through the on-line calculator
  • 100% weather proof design, it is built to last
  • The lightest unit with the most compact dimensions
  • Each unit is extensively tested prior to shipping. Guaranteed to work

New updated version 4 features

  • New User Interface: Easier to program, review and update the stored parameters
  • Extended Calibration Range: Works even for special applications, like with different engine/gauge combinations, bike engines powering cars, etc.
  • Detachable Remote Button: Top speed recall now comes with detachable TSM button standard on all units
  • Smaller & Lighter: 30% smaller and lighter. By far the smallest calibrator on the market
  • Improved Layout: Redesigned harness fits into smaller spaces
  • Dual Stored Data: Allows storing of two independent calibration values, and switching among them by the press of a button. Has clear visual confirmation of the value in use. Useful for road/track use when changing gearing. Also, easy to bypass speed limiter when on the track.
  • Km/h to MPH Conversion: Allows you to review and enable/disable conversion at the press of a button.
  • Lower Power Draw: Reduced power consumption with auto-standby. Works from as low as 3v supply. Easier installation for Yamaha Bikes

You won't find any better NOR a lower cost alternative on the market!

No matter how you define it, the Speedo Healer is the "best re-calibrator" available.

Cycle News - USA (August 3, 2005)

...The SpeedoHealer took me about half an hour to install and calibrate, both of which are straightforward processes...

...After installing the SpeedoHealer [on a brand new 2005 GSX-R1000] and calibrating to negative 6 percent, we went back out and did a series of radar runs and determined that we had corrected our GSX-R's speedometer completely. Now when I'm speeding, at least I know by exactly how much.

Blake Conner

Speedo Healer Version 4
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Speedo Healer v4SH-V4-S01$116.99/each
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