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Dyna High Output Coils & Wires

Kawasaki ZL Eliminator

Dyna's 35,000 volt coils provide a much stronger spark for a much more efficient fuel burn, better throttle response and overall performance. Your original coils don't put out near this voltage when new and after a few thousand miles can really deteriorate.

Dyna 8mm silicone suppression plug wires finish off the package offering the highest voltage output as well as eliminating any interference with other components.

NOTE: Installation of the coils requires making four simple L shaped brackets to bolt up to original mounting points on the frame!

Dyna High Output Coils & Wires for Kawasaki ZL Eliminator
DescriptionPart #Price
Dyna CoilsDC4-1$148.00 / set
Dyna Gray 8mm Plug WiresDW-800$36.95 / set
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