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ZL Eliminator Owner Testimonials

(From talk lists & Holeshot e-mail)

Hi Dale

It has been a few years now since i installed the 10" bad boys on my ZL900. I am so pleased.. sounds freaking awesome..looks great. no issues. and my neighbors love them too.

Now for the next project...I recently picked up a 2003 ZZR1200. still in the "i can't believe its mine" stage..what a cool machine. I am saving up for the slip-ons. will be calling you soon.. David Coquet
Since I got the Slip-Ons for my Kawasaki ZL1000, it has been difficult to get my arms down, but that’s of course necessary to drive the bike The sound is very nice in all rpm. It never becomes noisy. The throaty and deep sound is unique. The quality is extreme good, they look good, easy to mount and keep clean, fits the bike perfect.

Thx Dale, you have made a perfect solution for my bike.DeeMaac ( Denmark)