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Holeshot Stage 2 Jet Kit

Suzuki Bandit 1200 (1996-2000)

As you may know the 1200 Bandit comes from the factory jetted way too lean. This causes it to be very cold blooded, have flat spots, and run poorly in low and midrange rpms. Dale designed this Holeshot Stage 2 Jet Kit for maximum performance and smoother running throughout the entire RPM range.

5 to 7 additional horsepower can be expected.

If you've heard of tuning headaches with other kits when you remove the airbox don't be alarmed. You will be pleasantly surprised when you install Dale's kit.

Compliments our Holeshot slip-ons as well as others

Our Exclusive Stage 2 Kit Includes:
  • Dual K&N oval air filter
  • K&N crank case vent filter
  • 3 sets of original Mikuni main jets
  • 1 set of original Mikuni pilot jets
  • Holeshot® aluminum hard anodized adjustable needles
  • Stainless allen bolts to replace the float bowl screws
  • Complete installation and tuning tip instructions
Why should YOU get a Holeshot Stage 2 kit?
  • More horsepoer and torque!
  • Much smoother running
  • Improved looks
  • Easy access to carburators
  • Makes your Bandit a heavy breather!

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Jetting Kit with Timing Advancer

Holeshot Stage 2 Jet Kit for Suzuki Bandit 1200 (1196-2000)
DescriptionPart #Price
Jet Kit w/ FiltersB12-JK2$288.00 / each
Jet Kit w/o FiltersB12-JK2-NF$156.00 / each
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These are a non-returnable item!
NOTE: We do not sell our needles separately!