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Holeshot 5° Timing Advancer

Suzuki Bandit 600/1200

The Holeshot Timing Advancer adds +5 degrees of ignition timing. This is a very easy way to add 1 to 2 horse power throughout the entire RPM range, pick up throttle response in the usable part of the power curve, and right off the bottom. A very smooth idle can also be expected once up to normal running temperature.

In most cases slightly better fuel economy is not uncommon with a slight ignition advance added. Pinging or heat is not a problem and Dale tested 87 octane extensively and still could not make it ping or rattle in a stock motor. The advancer will not shorten engine life in any way shape or form.

Dale's kit includes the Holeshot timing advance rotor, and the engine cover gasket.

Holeshot 5° Timing Advancer for Suzuki Bandit 600/1200
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+5° Timing AdvancerB-RT$68.00 / each
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