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Bandit Owner Testimonials

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You sir are a tuning god haha.

What a difference in my Bandit 1250 with your Supertune Pro tuner set up, I'm in love. This is what the gsxf should be like from the factory. Nice mild riding when you want it with plenty of controllable torque for two up riding, but twist the grip and get some power sliding action through the twisties when I'm out for a play.

I put that plug and the flames from the exhaust have stopped now. Just get a small pop every now and again after giving it some guts which is normal with a pipe. New rubber is next on my list, then again it could just be me being a tad over exuberant through the corners. A fork brace and rear shock also need to be bought at some point too.

Anyway I'm over the moon with my purchases and everyone's amazed at the difference in the bike. Big thank you to Liza too for persevering with the postage and her packing skills. Daf in the UK
Hi Dale,

I have fitted your Holeshot Stage 2 Super Tune Pro EFI unit and the Fork Brace to my Bandit 1250S. The results are fantastic! Have been out for several rides in the twisty Adelaide hills and some longer rides out on the plains. The increase in torque and power is tremendous and with 1 tooth less on the front sprocket it gets even better! The extra torque allows me to leave the bike in 3rd gear in the twisty bits, the throttle can be rolled on and off as required without having to rev it past 7000 rpm. The fork brace has improved the handling too! The bike tracks better on rough roads and there is less bump steer when you hit a mid-corner bump. I'm very pleased with the results of this modification and highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about doing it. Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and for creating such a fine product for us Bandit owners.

Cheers! Paul from Adelaide, South Australia
Hi Dale,

All I can say is Wow! The Stage II kit for the Bandit 1250S is amazing! I have had the bike back for a week now and have managed to clock up 260kms of spirited riding as well as another 100kms or so doing day to day commuting.

The bike does not surge anymore at low RPM, it runs smoothly with no throttle snatch and when you open her up she roars!! The intake and exhaust note is noticeably louder but not annoying. This kit has truly made the Bandit the bike I wanted it to be. My wife has been on the back and she loves the way it rides now as well. The front fork brace is unbelievable, I didn’t think it would make as much difference as it has! The bike now feels planted through corners and rougher roads don’t have the bike feeling all jittery like it used to. You have truly put together a package that is second to none. I was going to pay roughly double what I paid for your kit to get a PCV and dyno tune. I would recommend you and your kit to anyone who is looking at unleashing the power potential of their motorcycle. Aaron
Hello Dale,

Just a note to tell you what a transformation in my 1250 Bandit since I installed all your upgrades. The windshield, backrest and sport-rack worked perfectly. The engine upgrades along with the drive sprocket change truly transformed this bike. Acceleration now is effortless, even from the bottom. They made a smooth bike even smoother. This thing is great in the mountains. Most of all I want to thank you and Liza for your help and prompt service.

Thanks again. Mike Green
Wow!!!! I took my first 50 mile ride tonight on my new seat!!! It is very Awesome!!! Comfortable, and it feels like I have better control of the bike under me, then that stock seat felt.

Thanks! Garth Jarvis
Hi Dale,

You asked on the Holeshot Nerf Bar instructions to let you know how we like them, and they are great. Any engineer can make a bridge strong enough if you use enough steel or concrete, but making something just strong enough, and elegant, that is the tricky part. These case savers are beautiful, and were a snap to install, on my 2005 B12S nothing had to come off, just bolt them on. I had a set of case saves on my 1981 GS1100 Suzuki that worked, but they were ugly, and used about three times as much steel as these slender beauties! Welding and paint and hardware are all top of the line. Attached a pic of Bandit taken this morning while riding the county blacktop roads south of Rockford IL where I live.

I picked up this 2005 B12S about a month ago, and have put a thousand miles on it, really starting to feel like part of me. I more or less lived on a bike (weather permitting in the Midwest) from the time I was 15 to 25 years old, minibikes, little Hondas, Yamaha 650, Yamaha XS1100, Kawasaki 500 triple, then GS1100. I sold my GS1100 when marriage and kids came along. Had an old Yamaha XS650 for a few years (always liked the British twins and clones), but really no bike for almost 10 years. I was going to visit a good friend of mine who lives about 100 miles away, he had just gotten his 1985 Honda 700 Nighthawk running (total beater but still running good), and he said his son had a couple bikes and he could try and borrow one so we could go riding. One turned out to be the 2005 B12, and after riding it for about 30 minutes, it was mine 4 days later! I turned 60 in April, but on the Bandit I am 25 again! His son is young and careless, and dropped the Bandit so I have replaced the right turn signal on front, touched up the case paint, added your nice bars, and changes oil, serviced chain, etc. He also left me an oil leak by adjusting the valves and throwing the cover back on. Leaking through the spark plug holes and maybe more, valve cover, I bought your fastener kit for the valve cover, all new gaskets/seals and will switch that out one of these weekends. I also bought your fork braces, will put those on soon too. It has a Yoshimura TRS slip on from the owner before the one I bought it from, and a jetting job, but I have not real info on the jet changes made, if any. Runs fantastic at all RPMs though, so for now I am just riding it, and going over the whole thing to make it like new. They are really torque monsters, and handles a lot better than my old GS1100! I put superbike bars, oil cooler and Kerker header on that, but it was no Bandit!

I have been studying all things Bandit the last month, and am so glad Holeshot Performance is out there with high quality Bandit mods and support. So far everything I have purchased is very high quality, and the ordering and shipping was perfect. Thanks and take care. Wade Smith, Rockford IL
Hi Dale,

I have finally managed time to fit your stage one kit to my Suzuki 1200k4 Bandit.
I set it up as per your guide, and it needed no further changes.
Go's like a bloody dog shot in the arse now.
Totally different bike.
Warms up heaps quicker from a cold start.
Runs smoother and actually cooler ( have oil temp gauge fitted ).
The increased torque is really noticeable.
More than pleased.
Thanks a heap mate. Terry Reed in Australia
Hi Dale & Liza,

1 Stage two no air box jetting kit $ 288.00
1 Timing advancer $ 56.00
4 Iridium Autolite plugs $ 34.00

I got my Mk1 Bandit 12 from an older gent who had kept it completely stock and only rode it to church on Sundays.

It ran like a well looked after Bandit should, but felt very docile and quiet after my Kawasaki ZX9R.

Fitting a scorpion pipe helped things a bit, but the real transformation came with fitting Dale’s stage II Jet Kit and timing advancer.

Ordering, shipping and installation were all trouble free (especially if you read the instructions), and everything was fitted up in no time. The stage II and advancer together gave the engine real punch in the midrange, sportbike-style throttle response and (as a bonus) a deep, rich induction noise. The combination is a winner.

Cheers Dale! David Shanks, New Zealand (Suzuki Bandit GSF1200 1998)
Hi Dale,

Finally the new Holeshot Slip-On has been mounted to your 4-1 header after Swedish custom kept it for awhile....

Thanks for great service and a great products!
Looks ace, with great fit and finish!!

Regards from a happy customer! Mats Petersson, Sweden
Hi Dale,

I rode my 1200 Bandit to work today; the first real ride with the Stage 1 kit and 4-1 full system FABULOUS! The surging I used to get below 1/8th throttle is gone. It is tractable at low around town speeds, and smooth and fast above 70 on the highway. It will give me anything I ask for when I roll on the throttle. I couldn't be happier.

Thanks for your great products and all the personal attention.

Ride safe, Guido
Hi Dale,

I wanted to follow up and tell you I've been using the Bandit bar risers a couple months now and I wish I had them about 10 years ago. Before that I refuse to admit I was getting older. They were easy to install, the braided brake lines are of course a huge improvement, and best of all my back and shoulders don't bother me after commuting an hour to work and I can now do back to back commutes when the up and down Chicago weather allows. To just say they are great is an understatement.

Thank you.Jeff Waldron