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Kawasaki Z / Ninja 1000 EFI Supertune Pro

Installation Photo Page

NOTE: These numbered photos are to be used as a guide in conjunction with the written instruction sheet supplied with the kit. Be sure to review all photos before you start the installation, feel free to call Dale if you have any questions.

Disconnect the negative battery cable, remove both seats and the fuel tank. Locate the injector plugs, then compress the lock tabs and disconnect each injector plug one at a time, taking note of numbered cylinders.


Plug in matching STP connector plugs as shown, with one going to the original injector harness plug, and the other to the injector. Remove the plastic panel to access the # 1 injector plug. A thin coat of dielectric grease on the seals is a good idea, but be sure not to get it on the terminals.


Finish connecting all the STP injector plugs as shown.


Connect the STP ground wire to the frame along with the other factory grounds. Mount the STP tuner on the battery as shown, then neatly tuck up and nylon tie the STP harness.


Remove the air box. Using the provided rubber plug, install the plug into the smog valve hose about 1½". A shot of WD-40 makes it slip in much easier.


With the air box removed mark the drill location as shown. This should be about 1 1/8 “ inch below the lower stepped edge, and 1-1/2" from the front corner as shown. Using a 1" hole saw drill the hole, then blow out with air and clean up.


Reinstall the air box, then install the K&N filter. Carefully check all your plug connectors, hose connections and routing. Reconnect the negative battery cable and resemble the rest of the bike.

Your now ready for a test ride !