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Owner Testimonials

Kawasaki ZG 1000 Concours


Yesterday I received and installed the Holeshot exhaust for my C14. Installation was easy and straight forward. I love the sound at low speed and I don't notice much difference at highway speed. This is what I was hoping for since I commute long distances each day. I love the weight savings as well. It looks 100 times better than the stock exhaust, which I considered hideous. Stan Isenberg
Hello Dale,

My name is Sean, from Delaware and I'm one of your very satisfied customers. I purchased your Holeshot Performance package last year for my '02 ZG1000 slip-ons and stage 1 tuning kit, and just wanted you to know that it still amazes me every time I ride. I'm mostly and twisty rider, and my bike has performed perfectly in the hills of the Blue Ridge Parkway and surrounding West Virginia mountain ranges. I recently moved to Orlando, FL to attend school at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, and am now having to get used to the absence of hills and twisty roads...not nearly as much fun or challenging. So yesterday I took a ride to Daytona Beach to check out Biketoberfest. To make a long story short...I couldn't resist putting my Connie on one of the Dynos they had there, just to satisfy my curiosity. Mr. Walker, I have to tell you...it was great. After 5 pulls my bike averaged out at 99.43 HP with a peak of 100.13 on the 3rd pull at 9150 rpm. The greatest part was the sound of your pipes. When he started to rev, people instantly walked over to try to figure out where that sound was coming from! Watching the display and hearing the exhaust notes, they flooded me with questions as to my mods and I was proud to say that Dale Walker's Holeshot Performance has provided a product that is unmatched by any competitor. Truly, a great thing to see those big guys in Daytona marveling at the sound of my bike. "I never heard pipes like that!"...one guy kept saying. I just wanted to share this with you and I can't thank you enough for your expertise. It makes me grin every time I crack the throttle.

Thanks again Sean

When I decided to go ahead and make the purchase of your exhaust for my 2002 Concours, I didn't know exactly what to expect. I wanted something aggressive, but not obnoxious. So they came in about a week and man, was I surprised. The black satin pipes are beautiful! So I followed your instructions carefully, got them installed and fired her up. Wow! What a difference! I hear the throaty growl of a machine seemingly with personality all of a sudden. I couldn't stop there so I ordered your stage 1 power package a couple weeks later. Once again, Liza was great and got the tracking numbers for me the next day. And thank you for the advice about installing the jet kit as well. You just don't get this kind of quality service from any other manufacturers. So, after a few days the package comes in and I read through your instructions. Very precise, short and to the point, leaving nothing out and even giving a few hints and very useful pointers. Well, I grabbed my manual and the package and got to work. One Saturday afternoon went by and I was finished right around sundown. It's about 20 degrees out now and I don't care, I'm going for a test run. Gear up and go. HOLY @#$%! My Connie has been transformed and is now breathing like an olympic athlete! I mean the throttle response is right there and the extra horses are announcing their presence through this exhaust system that sounds like it wants to eat you up while wearing a designer tuxedo! I can't wait until March! The whole package is just fantastic and well worth it.

Thank you so much for the product, for answering my calls and for a great ride. Sean (Wilmington, DE)
Dear Dale and Liza,

Just finished a complete retrofit of my 2000 Concours. New brakes, performance fork springs and steering bearings, rejet kit and new carb rebuilt kit, new hotter coils and wires, new K & N filter, resync of carbs, all new fluids, new tinted Rifle windshield, Throttlemeister cruise, back rest and luggage carrier...and of course...the black slip-on Holeshots...OMG!!!...better than new. This is my second Connie and never knew it could perform like this...thanks Dave and Liza! Had the small issue with shipping but we got it corrected quickly and thanks for your fast responses to my emails and phone calls. Keep up the good work.

PS...Congrats on your marriage and the great pictures!

Thanks, Mike (Denton, TX)

Thanks very much for the quality product! I installed the Holeshot slip-on exhaust on my 2003 Concours this morning. The fit and finish is perfect, along with the sound.

Outstanding product, thanks again! Colin Kelley (Broken Arrow, OK)

Just took my first ride after installing your Holeshot mufflers on my 02 Concours, it was 31 degress so it wasn't a long ride. They sound just like you advertised and the quality is first rate. My motorcycle talks to me now.
Ron Brown (Decatur, IL)
Thank you Dale for my beautiful Concours Holeshot slip-ons. Marcel Martinus (Barendrecht, Netherlands)