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Power Shifter2 Testimonials

(From talk lists & Holeshot e-mail)
Hey Dale,

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the help you offered and how much I love this electric shifter 2......This is the 3rd one I`ve had on 3 different ZRX`s and each one has worked great...The shifts are practically seamless on each shift...About better than a airshifter..... Good job Dale.

Life in the Fast Lane.... Paul Stuart in FL
Hi Dale,

I got the Holeshot power shifter 2 with optional barrel trigger for my HD springer 93 and have played with it at the drag races. It is powered by a stroker, 96 ci S&S. I run it "full dress" to try and get the other Harley guys out there. Anyway, got the Holeshot powershifter set just right and man that baby is unbelievable. Quick, quick shifts, no clutch. Turning 12's with my "Bagger". It was easy to set-up, machined my own shift linkage with some taps and steel rod and a little wire feed welding.

I am even getting compliments from some of the "Ninja" type bikes about how fast I can shift that Harley. I highly recommend this shifter to Harley owners if they want that edge on those roll-outs.

Thanks Dale, the Holeshot is everything you promised it would be. Added a two stage rev limiter, tachometer with shiftlight, Baker 5 speed and Baker new type compensating sprocket and getting the reaction time down.

Racing in two weeks, Memorial Day.

I encourage all harley owners to install the Holeshot on their machine, it will make all the difference in those highway roll-outs. Also at the drags, it will make you competitive with all bikes !!!!