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Holeshot Pro Gear Indicator Kit with ATRE

Suzuki Bandit 650/1250

Dale has teamed up with Heal Tech Electronics to came up with his new Bandit 1250 gear indicator kit with custom mounting bracket and built in ATRE. The complete plug-in kit can be installed in about 35 minutes.

Features Include:

  • Advanced "smart" timing retard eliminator TRE feature automatically switches off when bike is in neutral means smoother idle and less engine heat
  • Can be set for 4th, 5th or 6th gear map (or disabled) at the touch of a button, this adds throttle response in the lower gears on the Bandit 1250
  • Auto brightness control: the sensitivity can be even fine tuned, 1250 kit comes with digital Red lettering as shown
  • Always indicates the selected gear. It's not like others which don't work when the clutch is pulled in
  • Selected gears are shown instantly with NO LAG
  • Plug-n-go...Installation is straight forward
  • Auto Stand-by: when ignition is turned off, unit enters into low power mode and consumes 3mA only (less than a LED)
  • Auto Learn function: Unit is pre-programmed to suit most Suzuki's. However, if needed, the unit Learns the gear positions automatically
  • Robust design: waterproof housing; Flash memory (non-volatile) to store user settings; in case of connection or power failure, the TRE mode reverts back to Normal operation
  • Dale's own custom aluminum black anodized Bandit 1250 mounting bracket
  • 2 year replacement warranty
  • No more guessing what gear your in, plus you get better throttle response to boot
NOTE: Dale will be glad to share with you which gear map to use once you make your purchase

Holeshot Pro Gear Indicator Kit with ATRE for Suzuki Bandit 650/1250
DescriptionPart #Price
GPI Pro Indicator KitB-1250 GIPK$197.00 / each
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