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Suzuki Bandit 1250/FA EFI Supertune Pro
Installation Photo Page
(Stage 2 Tune)

NOTE: These numbered photos are to be used as a guide in conjunction with the written instruction sheet supplied with the kit. Be sure to review all photos before you start the installation, feel free to call Dale if you have any questions.

Disconnect the battery ground. Remove fuel tank and left side panel making note of hose routings and plugs. Remove PAIR valve hose leading from air box to the plastic junction fitting. Lube supplied rubber plug, install in hose as shown then reconnect to the inline fitting.


Locate the 02 sensor wiring harness plug under left side panel, disconnect then install the Holeshot O2 bypass module as shown.


Mount the Supertune Pro tuning box either on top of the battery or further back in the tail section. The battery strap is no longer used if mounted on battery which has not been a problem on Dales test bike. Connect the Supertune Pro ground wire to chassis or battery ground. The top right air box mounting bolt works well for this pupose.


Neatly route Supertune Pro harness along frame tube as shown and nylon tie along the way.

Note: the old version TFI tuner is shown in this photo. Disconnect the left injector plug at this time.


Piggy back the Supertune Pro harness plug into the original wiring harness injector plug, then insert the other STP tuning box harness plug into the corresponding injector plug as shown. Be sure match up the correct plugs. Do the same on the other three injector plugs one at a time. Be sure they are fully seated snapped in place. Using a little dielectric grease on the plug seals is a good idea. Neatly bundle up the remaining harness using nylon ties. Reassemble the bike being sure to double check your hose routings and plugs.


This photo shows the totally opened up air box back cover needed for the stage 2 tune, make yours look like this one. Use a Dremel tool and a hand held sander to do your work.

NOTE: Re-assemble in the reverse order then install the K&N Air Filter. Be sure to remove the thin rubber gaskets from the air box cover and air box receiving groove. Remember a good throttle body sync is recommended for the best response, fuel mileage and a smooth idle!