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Holeshot PAIR System Removal Kit

Suzuki Bandit 650/1250

NOTE: This product is not legal, for sale or use on California vehicles!

legal for closed course competition use only

Dale has now teamed up with Scott Brown, the owner of Metrick Metals motorcycle products to offer this very clean removal kit. Scott does some very nice design work and Holeshot is proud to offer his set up. This combined kit supplies you with everything you need to remove both the PAIR (second air) and EVAP (charcoal canister) systems from your Bandit 1250 or GSX650F.The kit eliminates popping on decel when adding any exhaust system, and makes it way easier to get in there and clean the engine or do other service work. Any home tuner can easily do the work, and detailed instructions come with the kit.

PAIR Block-Off Plates

These Custom designed and CNC machined billet aluminum block off plates allow you too easily and cleanly remove the PAIR system from your engine. They are easy to install and they match the machined surface on the valve cover perfectly for a factory look. Each plates has 4 recess holes on the back side that fit over the rivets heads on the stock reed valves which allow the reed valves to be left in place to seal the block off plates using their built in sealing surface, and they install using the stock mounting screws.

PAIR Replacement Load Resistor

The PAIR replacement load resistor is sends the same signal back to the ECM after removing the control solenoid valve which keeps the FI warning light from coming on. It produces the same electrical load as the control solenoid valve with a resistor that fools the FI control unit into thinking that the solenoid valve is still connected to the electrical system.

The PAIR control solenoid valve load resistor installs easily and its heavy duty aluminum housed resistor creates the correct electrical feedback load to the FI control unit, which keeps the FI warning light from coming on after removing the PAIR solenoid control valve from your bike. The electrical connections on the resistor are sealed and protected with high quality liquid vinyl electrical sealant.

It comes ready to install along with a vinyl cap for capping off the PAIR air supply line outlet on the air box, electrical connectors for easy hook up to the electrical system, 1/8" thick aluminum mounting plate that easily and cleanly mounts to an existing threaded frame tab underneath the gas tank for a super clean look.

EVAP System Removal Components

The removal of the EVAP system (charcoal canister) is fairly simple and only requires removing all of the EVAP system components and installing the supplied vinyl caps on 4 ports on the throttle body after removing the vent tubes, and capping the ports on the canister valve located on the left rear cowling mounting bracket and installing a special 3-way hose connector for connecting the gas tank vent line to the existing gas tank vent line system.

Removing both of these systems (shown above) really cleans up the top of the engine, and removes almost 4 1/2 lbs of components off of your bike. If you do your own engine maintenance than you'll really appreciate how much easier it is performing routine maintenance when all of the PAIR and EVAP system components are removed.

NOTE: This product is not legal, for sale or use on California vehicles!
Holeshot PAIR System Removal Kit for Suzuki Bandit 650/1250
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