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Holeshot / Corbin Bandit 1250 / FA / 650 Streetfighter Seat

Dale recently has teamed up with the legendary Mike Corbin to design his very own exclusive Holeshot Bandit 650/1250 Street Fighter Seat. Working with Corbin R & D team Dale spent over two months personally shaping his latest super sleek Street Fighter Seat. Dale's shape offers about a 3/4” to 1" lower seating position, with the bucket in just the right spot for added security, back support and comfort. The front section near the tank is shaped up hill just enough to keep you planted in the saddle in the proper place and the sides are tapered off just enough to eliminate any pressure points on the inner thighs.This shape also allows the more aggressive rider to still slide off nicely side to side in the twisties. The 650/1250 Holeshot/Corbin offers a lower center of gravity for better handling, as well as a much easier ground reach for shorter riders. If your a single rider and like the clean look, this new seat may be for you adding great looks to your water cooled Bandit 1250/FA or 650. I rear passenger can still ride on the back for short periods of time without a problem, but keep in mind there is not much foam on the rear section of the seat, and this seat does not accommodate a back rest.

You can expect a firmer but much more comfortable ride over the original OEM seat. The 650/1250 Holeshot/Corbin saddle will also need a break in period of about 1500 miles to conform to your own back side.

Dale's Bandit 650/1250 Holeshot / Corbin seat is covered in a Carbon-Fiber style premium marine grade vinyl that breathes with your body. The Asphalt vinyl side panels blend in very nice with the lines of the bike, offering a very clean look Dale is known for with his products. The exclusive Holeshot/Corbin logo is embroidered on the right side for a finishing touch.

NOTE: Please note that the logo placement can vary slightly!

Note: The Holeshot / Corbin Seat will NOT Clear The Factory Suzuki or Givi Top Case Rack, that has the cross bar over the rear seat, without modifications!

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Holeshot / Corbin Bandit 650/1250/FA Streetfighter Seat
DescriptionPart #Price
Streetfighter SeatSB-1250-7-G$497.00 / each
All orders plus shipping - Prices subject to change without notice
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Corbin Care Saddle Cream
Corbin Care Saddle Cream for Leather & Vinyl

To assure many years (and untold miles) of faithful service, be sure to care for your leather or vinyl Holeshot Corbin with our quality conditioner Saddle Cream. This will help your seat to remain weather resistant and supple. Be sure to avoid cleaners or conditioners that contain petroleum products or kerosene!

In fact, Saddle Cream is probably a good idea for all your other leather & vinyl products like boots, jackets, furniture...well, you get the idea.

DescriptionPart #Price
Saddle CreamC-SC$13.99 / each
All orders plus shipping - Prices subject to change without notice