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Holeshot Bandit 650/1250/FA Owner Testimonials


You sir are a tuning god haha.

What a difference in my Bandit 1250 with your Supertune Pro tuner set up, I'm in love. This is what the gsxf should be like from the factory. Nice mild riding when you want it with plenty of controllable torque for two up riding, but twist the grip and get some power sliding action through the twisties when I'm out for a play.

I put that plug and the flames from the exhaust have stopped now. Just get a small pop every now and again after giving it some guts which is normal with a pipe. New rubber is next on my list, then again it could just be me being a tad over exuberant through the corners. A fork brace and rear shock also need to be bought at some point too.

Anyway I'm over the moon with my purchases and everyone's amazed at the difference in the bike. Big thank you to Liza too for persevering with the postage and her packing skills. Daf in the UK
Hi Dale,

I have fitted your Holeshot Stage 2 Super Tune Pro EFI unit and the Fork Brace to my Bandit 1250S. The results are fantastic! Have been out for several rides in the twisty Adelaide hills and some longer rides out on the plains. The increase in torque and power is tremendous and with 1 tooth less on the front sprocket it gets even better! The extra torque allows me to leave the bike in 3rd gear in the twisty bits, the throttle can be rolled on and off as required without having to rev it past 7000 rpm. The fork brace has improved the handling too! The bike tracks better on rough roads and there is less bump steer when you hit a mid-corner bump. I'm very pleased with the results of this modification and highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about doing it. Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and for creating such a fine product for us Bandit owners.

Cheers! Paul from Adelaide, South Australia
Hi Dale,

All I can say is Wow! The Stage II kit for the Bandit 1250S is amazing! I have had the bike back for a week now and have managed to clock up 260kms of spirited riding as well as another 100kms or so doing day to day commuting.

The bike does not surge anymore at low RPM, it runs smoothly with no throttle snatch and when you open her up she roars!! The intake and exhaust note is noticeably louder but not annoying. This kit has truly made the Bandit the bike I wanted it to be. My wife has been on the back and she loves the way it rides now as well. The front fork brace is unbelievable, I didn’t think it would make as much difference as it has! The bike now feels planted through corners and rougher roads don’t have the bike feeling all jittery like it used to. You have truly put together a package that is second to none. I was going to pay roughly double what I paid for your kit to get a PCV and dyno tune. I would recommend you and your kit to anyone who is looking at unleashing the power potential of their motorcycle. Aaron
Hello Dale,

Just a note to tell you what a transformation in my 1250 Bandit since I installed all your upgrades. The windshield, backrest and sport-rack worked perfectly. The engine upgrades along with the drive sprocket change truly transformed this bike. Acceleration now is effortless, even from the bottom. They made a smooth bike even smoother. This thing is great in the mountains. Most of all I want to thank you and Liza for your help and prompt service.

Thanks again. Mike Green
Wow!!!! I took my first 50 mile ride tonight on my new seat!!! It is very Awesome!!! Comfortable, and it feels like I have better control of the bike under me, then that stock seat felt.

Thanks! Garth Jarvis


I just wanted to send you a Mega "THANK YOU" for taking time to talk to me about the Bandit 1250 Supertune pro tuner and Muffler system I bought from you. First off-it's super awesome and makes ridiculous power...I absolutely love it. Also thank you for taking time to help me when I inadvertently forgot to hook up a vacuum hose which you diagnosed over the phone. You're a superstar and know totally what you're talking about. Thanks again for all your time, knowledge and expertise.

Jeff Kazlauskas, Brownstown, MI

Hi Dale

All my Holeshot Bandit 1250 parts arrived packed very well, make sure you thank whoever does the packaging. The stage 2 setup is exactly what I had hoped for, loads of smooth power everywhere and no more surging at light throttle,I will hit the drags soon and see what improvement I get. The fork brace made a noticeable improvement to the bike, I don't corner super hard but is is a good upgrade regardless being noticeably more rigid. And that Holeshot/Corbin seat! It arrived in Australia just before Christmas. Absolutely brilliant, that stock seat is the worst part of the 1250 Bandit. I hated it, tried a Airhawk and sheepskin minimal improvement at best. It is so good I would recommend people buy one of these before any other modification, my daughter rides with me some times and also gave it the thumbs up. Also thanks for the tip on removing the frozen header bolt!

John, NSW, Australia

Hi Dale

Just thought I'd let you know I received my order couple of days ago for my Bandit 1250 Holeshot parts, good prompt delivery. Fit, finish and function of the mirror extensions, fork brace & Holeshot / Corbin seat were absolutely top notch. Just come back from a 3 hour ride, the seat was very comfortable. All I can say about the fork brace is WOW. Cornering is so much better now, not only more responsive, but is more stable & predictable. Thank you for providing such fine products.

It shows that you put a lot of time in testing your products. And I can tell you its made my bike a better bike. The original seat wasn't all that bad but in comparison the Corbin seat, is just luxury. I use to think the bike handled alright but with your Forkbrace it handles the twisties so much better, it's more precise and less effort. Thanks Again


Angelo in Australia

Dear Holeshot ,

I just wanted to thank Dale for taking the time to talk with me the other day before the parts I ordered shipped. I'm very happy with the quality of service and the quality of the parts I received. my 2011 gsx1250fa now runs like the bike I was hoping for when I bought it. I'm very Glad I went with the stage two kit and pulled the secondary butterfly valves. I will definitely order from you again.

Thank you

Sean Connelly, IL

Dale and Liza ~

You folks are the absolute best! I received my Bandit 1250 order in the two boxes Liza had described, and am once again absolutely stunned by the excellent packing job. Do I detect the fine touch of a woman named Liza in the care with which the parts are protected and packed? It was very nicely done, and everything arrived in apparent excellent condition. I am leaving the ZG windscreen and the Sport rack in their protective bubble wrap until I can get the time in the next week to install.

I see on the Invoice that this order was shipped on the 26th, and arrived here in Spokane the morning of the 29th. Sure can't complain about that for standard Ground shipping!!!

Thanks again for offering the quality products you do, along with the absolutely OUTSTANDING SERVICE!

Next time I'm heading down the East side of the Sierras again, I will make every effort to let you know in advance, and then make the small detour over to see your operation in Yerington.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend!

Your impressed customer and friend,

Don McGilvray

Hi Dale,

Got the Holeshot / Cogent shock on my Bandit 1250 this weekend and adjusted to your specs. I expected it to ride a bit harsher than the stock one, but it was the exact opposite. I got a nice controlled ride over some pretty broken up roads with no drama and no seat slapping you in the ass as the bike bounced up and down. Smooth, quiet and really good control. I'm not going to bother to mess with the preload and damping settings because yours are so good. Thanks again for a(nother) perfectly fitting, calibrated addition to my bike. Extremely reasonable given the costs of Ohlins, and other aftermarkets also. As always, appreciate your personal time to talk through the best solution. Feel free to use me as a reference. You (and your wife) are top notch.

Thank you very much


Hi Dale,

I'm back from a few more all day rides on my 2011 GSX1250FA with all of your parts installed.

Wow! What an amazing motorcycle.

I cannot express to you how great your parts and service are. Thank you so very much. This bike is incredibly good.

Thanks again, ---One very happy Holeshot customer!

John Phelps

Hi Dale

Thanks for developing the Holeshot EFI Supertune Pro tuner.
My Buddy Mark that purchased a unit also asked me to contact you We fitted the units last week that you had preset to Stage 2 together with the O2 bypass sensor, completed air box modification (bike already fitted with K&N) and removed secondary butterflies. Installation of the STP was straight forward since you provide the injector fittings, and it truly is a simple plug and play set up. I also have a Yoshi R77 slip on fitted. I took the bike out for a 80 mile run last Sunday and could not believe the difference in performance. My overriding sensation is the smoothness and responsiveness of power delivery. The bike definitely delivers more power and revs through to red line without any noticeable drop off in acceleration or performance, it just wants to keep going. It really has made a huge difference to the bike and a mod that l am really pleased with.

Thanks Again.

Terry Kirk

Just back from the first ride on the new seat, covering about 255km on highway and twisties, and I am very pleased with the product. Believe it or not, having my weight further back and lower on the bike has significantly improved the handling - the front end is now able to iron out road imperfections and feels less harsh, and the back end seems to like having the extra weight - no more of that fore and aft rocking and no jarring over bumps - I don't feel any need to pursue front suspension upgrades now...! Combine this with the fact that I now sit 'in' the bike instead of 'on' the bike, and I feel much more confident in the messages the back is sending me, so overall the purchase of this seat has given me a great result, very happy...


Tom (Malaysia)


Thank you for the stage 2 kit and fork brace for my Bandit. I fitted them easily with the instructions and have been rewarded with a very different bike. The fork brace has stiffened up the front end dramatically on our bumpy country roads. The stage 2 kit has improved the already generous low and mid range but I now have a top end rush which comes in above 6500rpm and pulls strong right through to redline.

Thank you for a very cost effective performance package.

Mick Lehtonen (QLD Australia)

Hey Dale -

I guess I can say it now - HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Like it or not, the season is upon us. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

I Just had to let you know that the Holeshot / Cogent shock got installed on my 1250 FA not too long after I received it. I took it over to a local gentleman who is regarded as something of a suspension genius and the guy who rebuilt the front forks. He did the install and the complete suspension setup. Good timing on everything, as I only had 2000 miles on a new set of Michelin PR3s.

All I can say is WOW! Why Suzuki didn't just put better suspension on the bike from the factory is beyond me. The bike has been completely transformed. I am not a timid rider by any means but never really wanted to push the bike once I started feeling that flex and whatnot. This new setup is inspiring confidence I never had before because the bike is just planted now all throughout the turn. Road compliance is also superior to what it was before. It's just unbelievable. This bike is now better than new. I'm gonna need better front brakes now !

So I just wanted to say thanks for such a fine piece. Can't wait to get started on the next project - most likely after the holidays, of course! Talk to you later.

Best Regards -

Dennis Morais

Hi Dale,

I just wanted to give you some feed back on how Holeshot transformed my 2009 Bandit 1250

Mods done: Stage 2 tune TFI tuner with your settings, airbox opened, secondary butterflies removed), Holeshot headers, touring slip-on exhaust, fork brace. Performance: Top end now matches the bottom end, now there's a reason to go above 6000 rpm. Fuel injection is smooth without snatchiness that was there on occasion while stock. Sounds bad ass but not HD obscene/annoying. The new Bandit rips and wheelies. Handling is more direct with fork brace, I especially notice when entering and leaving corners. Installation was pretty straight forward, and I don't consider myself a particularly mechanical guy. Any problems and Dale is a phone call away with grade A advice. Fit and finish are top notch, I'm waxing and polishing now instead of just garden hosing it down.

Thanks Dale and Lisa!


Ordered your stage 2 TFI tune up package for 1250 Bandit. Awesome! Power increase is impressive. Anyone with this bike should do the modifications.


Hi Dale,

Just a quick email to let you know that my Holeshot/Corbin seat arrived safely today.

I must add I was a bit hesitant about ordering from such a long distance, but your comments about fitment etc put my mind at rest. I would also like to say what a nice bit of kit, looks every bit as good on my 650 K7 Bandit as it does on the web site. No need to worry about it fitting the 650 Bandit, straight on no mods necessary not even to the adjustable brackets. Not done many miles but already like the "planted" feel to the seat and the feeling of all round support. Once again thanks for your advice and excellent service.



Dear Dale and Liza,

Thank you so much for your excellent products and service. My step Father-in-law Malcolm Croft and I recently finished installing the Stage 2 setup on our Bandits: what a difference! More power and smoothness, it brought our bikes to life. We are also very thankful for the countless hours of testing and sharing the settings for the TFI Box. Will check back in the future for more of your products and highly recommend them to our fellow riders.

Cheers from Canada!

Roger Dery (Canada)

Hello Dale,

Was able to ride about my 09 Bandit 1250 150 miles today since the installation of your stage 2 TFI tune, Finally the rain backed up a bit. Everything works well and bike is very smooth. Low rev jerkiness is gone and even tho I didn't rev the bike much top end seems to be much stronger and Bike pulls very smoothly and steadily. I would call this a success.

Thank you, and best wishes from Estonia

Tonis Tiedemann (Estonia)

Hi Dale,

Just some feedback about the Bandit 1250 Holeshot Stage 1 kit. Wow what a difference. No more surging and the whole bike is much smoother. Bloody fantastic, very happy with it. Well done on a top job.


Doug Clark, (Canberra ACT, Australia)

Hi Dale

For the longest time I just couldn't make up my mind about a few basic mods on my Bandit 1250, my favorite bike thus far, and at age 65 and being a rider since my early 20's, I've had a few. I wanted some engine protection in case of a low speed spillover but all the frame sliders or engine guards of other manufacturers didn't do it for me. I wanted something that protected more than the frame sliders but not as heavy and cumbersome looking as the other engine guards on the market. So I decided to go with Dale's nerf bars, not only do they look good but they are real sturdy. I generally never like those kind of guards on account of the large diameter of the tubing but this is not the case with the nerf bars, they are really quite unobtrusive and are just as strong, if not stronger than the competition, in spite of the smaller outside diameter of the tubing.

I'm also in the process of installing a pair valves removal kit. Now there's a great idea, which will make any work, such as valve clearance checks or plug changes a lot easier, this kit really cleans up that cluttered area above the cam cover, not to mention a slight weight saving. Further down the road I will be upgrading the front forks, all with Dale's high quality components.

Last but not least, I've very much appreciated the friendly and helpful attitude at Holeshot, starting with the most personable Lisa at the order desk but also with Dale himself who has always promptly answered e-mails and taken some of his precious time to answer questions on the phone. I intend to keep my Bandit 1250 for a very long time and to gradually upgrade it and I can't think of a better source in terms of quality components and expert advice than Dale's Holeshot Performance.

Florian Landry (Bridesville BC, Canada)

Hi Dale,

Just thought I'd drop you an email to say thank you for your personal Bandit 1250 settings for the TFI tuning box. Although I fitted it along with the other mods a few weeks ago now, the weather has been very poor so didn't get a chance to test it. But I managed to get out this weekend and did 90 odd miles and I'm very impressed with the mods. It still has the silky smooth pick up and loads of torque but it now revs more like a sports bike, so you have the best of both worlds.

Thank you very much, it is now even more fun to ride.


Mark Jones from the UK

Hi Dale,

After some research and talking to our local Ohlins guru, I chose Dales fork brace for my 1250 Bandit. Ordering it was hassle free, Dale was very helpful and the brace arrived in less than 2 weeks. The brace is a well designed unit and looks like original equipment, it has made a subtle but noticeable difference to the steering, turn in is slightly quicker and response to inputs a little more positive. The bike seems to hold it’s line better especially in bumpy corners. I’m a reasonably fast road rider, (the chicken strips are quite small) a more aggressive rider will probably notice a bigger improvement especially in fast transitions side to side. All told, money well spent.


Lou Girardin, New Zealand

Hi Dale.

I received & installed your tfi with your settings, took it out yesterday and can't believe the difference it made! It's a new bike alltogether! I was gonna sell it because of the horrible fueling in town, but it's all gone now, smooth power everywhere. Decent top end now asswell and i don't have to worry about the motor running lean, i think it's running cooler now also! Thanx for putting a fully developed and tested product on the market, for once i don't feel conned or cheated!

I eagerly await your further development on this awsome bike (1250 fa), i really would like to order your headers asswell, but it's a bit rich for me at this stage and shipping that item to South Africa would make it quite expensive.

Thanks again for your great products, sevice and prompt delivery.


Hello Dale,

My 1250 parts all arrived in good shape, and what a difference they make. Greatly improved wind resistance with the new screen and now a comfortable ride with the new Holeshot seat. I don’t know if it’s just me, but what a difference that slight lowering of the centre of gravity made with the new seat. The handling changed significantly (for the better).

Thanks again for the great products and great service.


Stan in New Zealand

Hi Dale,

I just received my Holeshot/ Corbin seat 2 days ago for my GSX 650F , and here is my feedback: Simply, you got it right! The seat looks great, fits perfectly on the bike, lowers the perceived center of gravity nicely for my 5'10" frame (I feel like I am partially sitting in the bike rather than on the seat), and I no longer slide backwards or forwards while riding. I stay perfectly positioned! Your seat is a must have for anyone owning a GSX650F or GSX1250F(A)! Money very well spent and great customer service! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me on the phone about the seat as well - it is much appreciated! I will be coming back to shop here when I upgrade to the 1250 in the future!

Just keep doing what your doing and ride safely,

Geoff (from Pittsburgh)

Hi Dale ,

WOW it was worth the wait, your new Bandit 1250 touring bar kit is great " Mate " also for riders that ride short distances the comfort and flicking from side to side I commute to work 45 min each way . Ok they are wider then the stock bars but the improved handling is very good .After fitting the Corbin Holeshot seat I am about 1.5 inch at least further back compaired to the stock seat where I was sitting right up against the tank . With the holeshot seat I was pulled forward a little more but with the touring bars it's a perfect riding position, I love em.

P.S the install not to much drama it took me a while to install throtlle cables not sure what the best way was to go about it I ended up bending a piece of tig wire to guide cables into position on throttle body. Thanks Dale for the great job you have done in designing these bars.

Kind Regards

Peter Ruyl from downunder

Hi Dale

The day after my 2011 1250 was off warranty it was apart in the garage receiving a Stage 2 kit with a 4-2-1 Header and 17" Touring Slip-On. It had already been fitted with a 17 tooth front sprocket. After taking it for a run last night I am absolutely impressed. This kit just makes a good thing great - smooth operation, excellent throttle response and GRUNT - this thing just pulls all the way from just off idle to 9000. AWESOME. Fit, finish and ease of installation for the provided parts are all first class. The fact that this combo is so well sorted out was one of the main reasons I choose this package and I haven't been dissappointed. Dale's personal support was greatly appreciated. Bolt it on, dial in the provided settings and hang on. Can't wait to do a roll on against my brothers ZZR...


Ross Dobson (Alberta Canada)

Hi Dale,

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the advice and settings for the TFI tuning box I purchased. As so many have said before, you've nailed the Stage II settings for the Bandit 1250 and the bike is a whole different beast. Was able to take my wife riding yesterday for the first time because I wasn't worrying about the bucking and surging in stock trim.

Installation wasn't bad at all.

Best service I've had in a long while and the recommendation to call you from Two Wheeled Texans was spot on.

Best regards,

Walt Steenbergen

Hi Dale and Liza,

Hope you folks are back home safely and all is well with your family.. My touring slip-on and TFI arrived on Monday EXACTLY when Liza predicted it would. I hope you don't get tired of hearing this but your whole operation is clearly top notch, from the design to fabrication all the way to the packaging and shipping. The parts are polished, with nary a fingerprint, and ssecurely packaged, and a breeze to install with perfect fit, outstanding hardware, and clear, simple instructions and the website to fall back on for more info.. Even the drill bit and thread tap included with your centerstand stop kit are impressive in their bite. NOT cheezy cheapos.. I just wanted to say I noticed and am appreciative.. Enough gushing for now.. ;-}

Installation of the slip-on, O2 bypass, and TFI (K&N and airbox mod already installed)went smoothly with zero problems due to the perfect fit and clear instructions. I was excited to go for a ride but it started raining here in central New York, so I'm psyched about tomorrow.

Finally, the Dobeck TFI works like a charm and the bike runs really sweet

Thanks for all your efforts,

Jeff Wise (Prattsburgh, New York)

Hi Dale and Liza,

I have installed the new Holeshot slip-on on my Bandit 1250, and it is amazing. The look and sound are far superior to the stock muffler, and the performance boost coupled with the weight loss is really noticable.

Thanks for a really great product

Chuck Butto

Hi Dale,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how much I'm enjoying my 17" Satin Black Slip-on, Stage 1, TFI box,with your tune, and Heat Shield for my 2008 GSF1250S-ABS. I absolutely love the way it sounds. It has a sonorous growl under load yet isn't loud and obnoxious. I've also noticed that part-throttle acceleration is smoother than stock, not to mention more available power in the mid-range. And to boot, I routinely get 38-40 mpg. Not bad! Your product is truely a quality piece of workmanship in looks and performance.

Nate Mueller

Hi Dale

I do long distance touring with a group of guys. Recently on a ride I commented that I might look to buy a new bike. A friend challenged me asking what does my bike need. I own a 2007 suzuki bandit 1250 and I have spent the last 4 months upgrading my ride. I have found Holeshot Performance to be excellent. I have in the past not been much of a mechanic. However the numerous purchases from Dale and team have been easy and effective. I am in love with my bandit again. After this summer's ride I plan to go further with the help of Holeshot Performance. I can not reccomend anyplace more highly. Kudos to Dale and team!

Steve Nichols (Auburn Ca)

Hi Dale

I just installed a Bandit 1250 Holeshot Stage 2 kit. For the secondaries, I used a new correct screwdriver, heated each screw 60 seconds with an old soldering gun, and applied pressure to keep the screwdriver seated while I was breaking the thread lock seal. No problems at all. Your instructions made it an easy job

I swapped a Touring screen for the Holeshot Skidmarx DB at the same time. I like the looks of the DB way better, and not too much difference on the helmet buffeting. Skidmarx DB is much better than the stock screen.

I'm very happy with how it's running. Your TFI settings seem perfect. It plastered the silly grin back on my face I got the first time I took the bike out and opened it up when I bought it.

It's butter smooth, hard to describe the difference. I didn't really notice how much room for improvement there was until I drove it after the mod. Another big difference is the higher RPMs. I used to shift when it quit pulling hard, around 8,000 rpm. It's still pulling now at the red line, I've got to watch myself.

Anyone considering the mod, go for it and don't be scared to pull the secondaries!


Hi Dale

Thanks again for a great product (Bandit 1250 Holeshot fork brace). Has made a SIGNIFICANT difference to front end handling in some of the bumpy corners here in New Zealand.


Carey (New Zealand)

Hi Dale,

Just a quick email to let you know how the stage 2 mods went on the B1250. The bike kicks butt. The torque off the bottom is strong and she'll now power wheelie 1st and 2nd with a little prodding. The motor surges from about 5500-6000 with a strong kick. I've managed to bury GSXR1000s and R1s off the line with no problem; by the time they overtake me, I'm going too fast and have already backed off.

The fork brace works beautifully. I think a lot of guys who spend big money on their front end to get the bike to behave on the change of direction would be quite surprised to find that this simple mod may have done the trick instead. As yet I haven't changed to the iridium plugs and have yet to block off the PAIR system. Thanks again for the TFI settings. The bike uses less fuel on the highway and the twisties now, since I can use less throttle, and it only uses a little more fuel in traffic.

Cheers mate!

George (Sydney Aust)

Hi Dale

A couple of years back I fitted your Stage 1 kit (now Stage 2) to my 1250 and it has been brilliant for everyday use. My friends liked it that much I have since fitted another 3 of your kits – 2 1250s and one V Strom. On the last bandit, I fitted the TFI and your headers and we got 130.8 hp out of it. You are developing a quiet following here on the other side of the world in New Zealand.


Carey (New Zealand)

Hello Dale & Liza,

Hello again from New Zealand.

We installed the new stainless headers and the TFI with all the Stage 2 modifications and she goes brilliantly. An awesome difference in performance, can't wait to head out for a decent trip to enjoy\ the new unbridled power. The pipes looked fantastic, then of course, I put the fairings back on... No fitting problems, they go well together with no modifications required at all. A great way to make a "new" bike from the existing, without spending an arm and a leg.

Next on the list will be your Holeshot/Corbin seat to add a bit of long distance comfort, something seriously missing from the stock Bandit seat.

Thanks again to you both for your excellent service and support and I will be in touch again soon.


Stan (New Zealand)

Hello Dale & Liza,

Happy New Year from New Zealand. Hope you had a great holiday.

Following all your mods on my Bandit 1250, full header system and stage 2 tune up I finally got around this week to getting the bike on the dyno (copy attached). Very pleased with the improvements.

Dyno environment info:

Room Temp 26 degrees celsius
Humidity 31%
Pressure 1029.00 mbar
Inlet Temp 25.4 degrees celsius
Elevation 25 feet above sea level Regards

Stan Pope (New Zealand)

Hi Dale

Just thought I'd drop you a line to say how much better my bike performs after having added a few of your bolt on parts. At first I just went for TFi stage 1 mods & found it to be a great transformation. Some months later I finally went to the stage 2 spec's and what a difference, the engine came alive. It now spins up so smoothly all the way past 8000rpm.

With the extra hp I decided I'd better do something to the handling. After fitting your suspension upgrades front & rear, along with the fork brace, the bike now has no more nasty wallowing and actually wants to turn. Oh & the ride, I didn't realise how bad the standard suspension was until it was changed out.

With your advice & modifications my Bandit has now been transformed into the bike it should have been in the first instance.


John R (Western Australia)

Hi Dale

Just saying thanks for an awesome product and the best service. My 2008 Bandit 1250 already had a Yosh slip-on so I didn't have huge performance expectations for the stage one kit butafter I followed the easy instructions and installed the kit, I quickly noticed what a difference it made. With each ride, it got better and better. The torque was stronger, the acceleration was smoother, horsepower increased and best of all - vibrations disappeared. To sum it up, this is how the bike should have come from the factory. No bandit 1250 should be ridden without the holeshot stage one or two tune up.

Cheers and thanks for the excellent service as well. It made all the difference.

Marc Dohrendorf (Canada)

Hi Dale

A year ago I fitted your TFI to my Bandit 1250 K8, and it has performed flawlessly. My bike is Stage II tuned and my friends liked the setup that much that two of them have purchased the TFI setup as well. This weekend I did the stage II mods on a friend's Bandit, plus installed your headers for him. I have it down to a fine art now after my third modified Bandit.

I just wanted to say that the headers are a beautiful piece of kit, installed easily and doing the mods is an absolute pleasure. Just a shame that in new Zealand we are so far away!


Carey (New Zealand)

Hi Dale

Just a quick note to let you know got the gold valves, springs & fork brace fitted to my Bandit 1250 The bike rides great lots of feedback & feels very forgiving when pushed hard. Great stuff. Love Your Work.

Thanks Again
P.S I will be after the TFI kit very soon.

Shaun in Australia

Hi Dale,

I just want to let you know that I'm over the moon with the Holeshot seat on my GSX 650 F Bandit, it is so comfortable & it's completely improved the entire experience of riding my bike. I will recommend your products to all my friends & family.

Steve Timms

Hi Dale,

Just a note to tell you how impressed I am by the Holeshot/ Corbin Bandit 1250 seat. The stock seat is one of the most uncomfortable seats I have ever ridden on and I have owned many motorcycles over the years. Your Holeshot/ Corbin seat is a welcome fix for this problem. The contour of your seat fits my body perfectly and adds support where needed. (no hot spots) I`m not a little guy either, 6ft, 280lbs and 75 years old.

Jerry Sokolik (Norwalk Calif.)

Hi Dale

I rode my Bandit 1250 to NC and back--540 miles one way testing your Holeshot / Corbin seat. It fit me like a glove. My old 1200 corbin was a '2 position' seat meaning I could sit a tad too far forward or a tad too far back. But this seat sits me in a pocket just right. Not issues with knees, seating position, hot spots or hard spots. Money well spent! Thanks for an excellent product and service!!!!

Phillip Jones

Hi Dale,

I am very pleased with the quality of the Holehsot / Corbin seat i purchased for my GSX-650 F. It has a very solid base, wonderfully detailed upholstery, and matches the lines of the bike beautifully. Initially, there were some difficulties with the shape of the factory Corbin seats, but I am very impressed with the work Dale has done to contour this seat to meet his expectations. I have been on a number of long rides with it and have not had any discomfort. The support behind the drivers seat facilitates maintaining an upright posture. My girlfriend says it is also very comfortable in the pillion position and she really loves the backrest. I have had alot of very positive comments from other riders who have seen the bike at Biketoberfest, various group rides, and at bike nights. I am very pleased with this seat, but then again, I would expect nothing less from a "Holeshot" product.

Jeff Smith (Florida)

Hi Dale,

I've now had my Holeshot Corbin Seat for about a month.

I don't regret the purchase at all and sincerely thank Dale for the extra effort he went to to be able to send it down to Australia. Shoe horning it into the box to get it under the maximum size allowed by UPS must have been fun.

I have now done about 1600km or 1000 miles on it including a long weekend away with over 1000km done on the one trip, and I am as pleased as ever. Though I still get sore hips and knees and for that I have to blame my arthritis and not the seat, the general comfort is great, so much better than the stock brick that Suzuki put on the bike. It has been excellently made and the fine tuning of the Corbin seat by Dale suits me perfectly.It is just a bit lower than the stock seat and I can almost flat foot when stopped. Coupled with some handlebar risers, the riding position is about as perfect as it can be and i can now ride for much longer without a break than i could before.

Here's the Holeshot Corbin enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

Thanks David from down under

David (South Australia)

Hey Dale,

I wanted to say thanks for a great seat!!! I finally got to take it for a ride a few days ago and the bike is so much more comfortable now. The seat looks really good on the bike too. My wife told me how she had to sweet talk you into ordering it for her before Christamas. You are the man!! Thanks so much.

Mark Shackelford ( Sparkman, Ar)

WOW! What more can I say. I just installed Dale's seat, sport rack and nerf bars. First, I'd like to comment on how quickly the parts were shipped (thanks Dale).

Second, the seat is absolutely fantastic. I now sit "in" the bike rather than "on" it. Just got back from a 100 mile ride, and it sooo much better than the stocker. If any of you are considering an aftermarket seat, I highly recommend Dale's. As a side note, I am 6'4" and weigh 210, 36 inch inseam. I will give another impression of the seat after I put some more miles on it. Did I mention how good the seat looks? Dale, you and the Corbin guys do excellent work! Great design and flawless execution.

The nerf bars are high quality, beautifully finished and a breeze to install. Very clear and detailed instuctions were included. I anticipated that the long bolt passing through the front of the engine would be difficult to pass through, but it went in like butter. Extremely happy with the results. These little gems look great.

Finally, the Sport Rack really sets off the tail section. What a nice piece. Same high quality as evident on the nerf bars. Again, installation was a snap, and all hardware is top quality stainless (same for the hardware supplied with the nerf bars).

Dale, I'm looking forward to a few more parts to install. Will definitely order the exhaust system when available. Thanks for all your hard work in keeping our bandits looking good and running fast.


I have ridden on many different custom seats in the coarse of 45 years or riding and this has included several custom made Corbins. But the seat that Dale Walker and the Corbin people have put togather far excedes anything that I have sat on before. Perfect fit for my height at about 5'6" and a 29 inch inseam, comfortable from the first ride and Corbins generally take some break in, but not with this seat.

I have run a continous 120 mile run with the seat and no discomfort at all. I have had my very picky wife on the back with the back rest option and her comments were, "this is very comfortable and one of the best seats you have had".

In addition to my comments, my 3 riding companions, 22, 23 and 25 year olds that think only sport bikes are the way to ride have ridden on this bike with and without this saddle, first comments, " this seat is great" didn't say anything about my poor 1250, just the seat.

A job well done Dale and I would highly recommend this seat to anyone.

Michael S (Washington)

Hey Dale,

Just wanted to say what a difference the stage 2 kit has made to my bike, it is now a completely different animal.I cannot believe how so little work can make so much improvement (obviously your settings saved ages in trial and error). A must for any Bandit 1250 rider. Your customer service is also second to none.



Hi Dale,

some time ago I bought the TFI from you to Stage 1 my GSF1250K8. I finally got around to pulling the secondaries and setting it up to your Stage II specs. My only regret is not doing it sooner. A huge transformation that the dyno charts don't do justice to. Not only is it faster with more torque, it's even smoother with none of the low speed snatchiness it once had.

I thought I'd give you this latest feedback, as your help has really made this the best outcome for me. Riding a friend's stocker today showed how damn good this setup is.

Kind regards

Carey (New Zealand)

Hi Dale

My 1250 came to me with the secondary butterflies already removed, and concerns that it might be running too lean prompted me to do the rest of the Stage II kit. In all honesty, I can't say the extra performance is all that important to me, as even a stock Bandit has enough power for this old man. :) But I can say that the Stage II setup transforms the bike in other ways: There's no surging, no hesitation, no rideability issues at all. Just smooth, easy power at any speed, rpm and throttle opening. The bike is simply a joy to ride. And with Dale's step by step instructions, everything is relatively easy to do.

My most recent install was Dale's touring slip-on and the center stand stop kit. The can is beautifully made, with small, even welds the Chinese made pipes just can't offer. Everything fits perfectly and installs easily. The difference in weight between the stock bazooka and the Holeshot slip-on is simply astounding, and getting rid of the water heater sized OEM muffler greatly improves the looks, too. The sound? It's marvelous. A confession: I like quiet motorcycles. Adding the DB Killer makes the system perfect for me. The bike has a deep, throaty sound, but at a volume level that won't make anyone look twice. No longer does my Bandit sound like a sewing machine! Without the DB killer, it gives the bike it has that deep, throaty note to an even greater degree. It's louder but, as long as you're judicious with the throttle, not so loud you'll piss off your neighbors.

Next step: suspension. Based on my experience with Holeshot so far, I'll most likely choose the Holeshot / Cogent bits from Dale, too.

Thank you

Bob Meyer

Hi Dale,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for all of the hard work you have put into the research and design of your products. The instructions for your Stage 2 package were flawless, and install of the TFI box and exhaust were a breeze. I also can't thank you enough for taking the time to get your TFI settings to me after your normal hours; genuine customer service such as that is hard to find these days, and appreciated more than words can say.

After putting everything together and getting my Bandit 1250 on the road, all I can say is WOW. I had read the owner testimonials and was excited to see just how much of a difference everything would make, and I was not disappointed. Idle and low-end were smooth as glass, the sound coming from the exhaust was beautiful, and the weight difference from losing the stock exhaust was noticeable. And when I finally took the Bandit onto the interstate, it was clear just how much power I was working with. It was as if I was riding a whole new motorcycle altogether.

Thank you for everything. Purchasing from you was a genuine pleasure, one that I will be enjoying again in the future.

Tristan Duff, ( Biloxi, Mississippi)

Dale, just wanted to show you all your stuff on my Bandit: Seat, handlebar-risers, double-bubble wind screen, cats-eye front turn signals, and rear-view mirror risers. It was fun putting in all together and funner riding it. The combo of the seat and handle-bar risers have made the bike more comfortable. The back rest lets my riders feel the power of the bike comfortably. The mirror risers let me see whats behind me. Its all real good. I actually like the water-heater for a muffler--maybe after a while I may get around to tweaking performance, but for now this bike is great and your stuff is part of that.

Dan Dilworth, Overland Park, KS

Hi Dale

On your advice I decided to go straight to stage your 2 on my Bandit 1250, and it was with some doubts that I started to take out the flies. The info about heat was good about a minute per screw with micro butane torch and the screws came out easily, the worst part of the job was done. | The whole thing took about three hours on Saturday morning. I have been for a test ride but it has done nothing but rain here since Saturday so I have not really pushed it. However the bike feels much smoother and pulls stronger, and no decel popping.

What an improvement Dale you are a Legend.

Thanks so much for setting me up with your dyno proven and well tested TFI settings.

Kind regards

Stuart Ray from the UK

Hi -- just wanted to let you know I've installed the Zero Gravity windshield, bar riser kit and mirror extensions on my Bandit 1250, and it all works beautifully. Now I just need some decent riding weather. Thanks!

Fred Frederiksen (North Gower, ON)

Hi Team Holeshot

Ok Dale, let me give you an update on my 1250 TFI tuning box . I took the connections apart and applied dielectric grease to all of the contacts as you suggested. The FI light still came on, so I contacted Matt at Dobeck as you suggested,and he said to send it in and he'll run a diagnostic on it. After he got it, I gave him a call, and he told me that two of the pots were not making a complete connection with the module. He told me that some of the older connections were not great, and because he did not know where the line was disconnected he would just replace the unit under the two year warrantee. I just got it today and hooked it up tonight. Everything is working great now and the shakedown ride didn't reveal any problems. Thanks for your input, and I truly appreciate that you do business with such quality companies and your commitment to providing quality products. I'm sure it must be tough to get dealers who share your sense of responsibility to your customers to provide a quality product that is backed by you both. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to accomplishing this task.

John Spinella

Hi Dale.

Thanks. I have TFI tuning box installed on my Bandit 1250 now. Took about an hour, and most of that time was spent cable tying various leads and making sure connectors were tight and greased. Started instantly and ran OK with what sounded like a slight misfire when slowly opening the throttle to about 3,000 rpm but it was still warming up. I thought I’d try it under load so took it out for a spin.

Two words – Holy Sh*t.

What a difference. The acceleration is fierce, the running smooth and low throttle work is very smooth. I do an early morning commute and it used to surge and jerk the chain. Low speed is no really good.

Thanks for the help and the personal replies. I will be endorsing this to my friends and I’ll be back to buy some more gear off you.

Kind regards

Carey (New Zealand )

Hi dale managed to get the headers the night before the track day, they are a work of art Im impressed the bike went very well speedo dosent seem to go past 259km bike keeps pulling. have got all your stuff on the bike now plus a gsxr rear shock(resprung) braded hoses and upgraded pads has got the weight down to just over 200kg am going to go back to using metzla race techs have been using M3s but the bike slides in 1st and 2nd so cant get on the gas as early as i want swaped bikes with a mate and rode his new gsxr 1000 wot a machine way to easy to ride can ride it much fast than the bandit but its no where near a much fun
Thanks for your effort in developing the bandit if you have any other ideas to get more out of it please let me know thanks again

Thanks again

Stacey Robinson, New Zealand

Dale and Liza,

Received my 1250 fork brace Friday just as you promised and have successfully installed. Also received your Corbin seat Thursday and I snapped right on – looks great and seems very comfortable. Thanks very much for your assistance and help. I'll make sure to mention your great service on my Bandit forums. With your luggage rack and bar extension I'm ready for some serious touring.

Thanks again,

David (Woodul, Dallas TX)

Hi Dale,

Just letting you know that your stage #1 upgrade is working perfectly on my Bandit 1250 My riding territory varies from beachfront esplanades to mountain ranges and your TFI tuning settings have proven to be spot-on from one extreme to the other with all the ups, downs, twists and turns in between.

Many thanks,

Doug P (Australia)

Hi Dale

I dropped that water-heater-sized OEM exhaust off my Bandit 1250 and installed on your Perf 2 touring slip-on and Stage 1 Tuning. It's like Clark Kent threw away the eyeglasses and business suit - it's All Superman, All the Time. You also received a sterling review from the professional aviation mechanic and muscle car enthusiast who helped me with the installation. He was impressed with the quality of your product, the simplicity of the upgrade and, of course, with the resultant performance. Thanks for setting my Bandit free and for the excellent customer support along the way.


John Loepold

Dale -

I wanted to let you know just how please I am with the way my 2007 Bandit is running after I installed your TFI tuning kit. I have to tell you Dale, on first gear accelerations the front end of the bike gets real light, real quick, in fact, if you over accelerate too quickly the front end will come up real fast, this has caught me a few times, I just roll off the throttle and ease back into it. Wish I knew how to ride on one wheel like some of your videos i looked at on your web site. I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the results of your efforts in developing such a fine product. I love the bike more now than I did when I first got it. It is a pleasure to ride, tons of torque, smooth torque, all the way through the power band in every gear, no more herky jerky at lower speeds when coming back into the throttle at low RPMS. In short, a rocket ship on 2 wheels. Thank you again. When I scrape up some dollars I would like to replace my stock headers with your headers. Keep you posted on that.

Ride safe Dale and talk with you soon.

Glenn Maks in Florida

I took the Bandit out today to the back roads for a through flogging. It was the first time I really stretched the bike with the full Holeshot header, slip-on and stage 2 tune. The performance of the bike is stunning. The engine is willing right up to the kind of velocities that warp your vision and the wind tries to rip you off the bike. What's even more amazing than the all out howl of the new engine is that the polished, friendly Bandit character is still there for most of the rpm range. There's still plenty of torque to the power curve and the engine pulls from the second you let the clutch out right past redline.

I am constantly asked why I spend so much time and money on the Bandit, why not just get a sport bike if you need more horse power? Days on the bike like today give me the answer: I'm 47 now and I live a responsible life filled with adult responsibilities and adult commitments. But I'm just not ready to join the Goldwing touring crowd. Most days I ride like a safety course instructor. But some days I ride like a hooligan - popping wheelies and smoking the rear tire. Then sometimes I look down and there is 154 indicated on the speedometer and I feel that wolf howling inside my head.

There are many bikes that can do some of these things well but not many that do them all this well. Bottom line is that with the Holeshot modifications, I can't think of another bike that fits my personalities quite like the Bandit.

Thanks again for all your efforts,

Willie Cooper

Hi Dale,

I purchased the TFI / K&N filter / O2 bypass , and 17" slip-on. The results are absolutely fabulous. Thanks for giving me your tuning settings for the TFI. Your parts look good, are easy to install and above all meet / exceed our expectations.

The growl of the exhaust is fierce and deep yet not overbearing on a long ride. The extra oomph across the entire range is appreciated.

Here is a photo of my custom painted Bandit 1250 with your nice satin black slip-on installed

Oscar Groomes (Charlotte NC)

Hi Dale,

I am very impressed with you specialized parts for the Bandit 1250. I have enjoyed the upgrades you offer and your settings are truly dialed in. I have purchased you SkidMarx Double Bubble Wind Screen; Dobeck TFI & K&N (with air box mod) and O2 bypass with PAIR Plug (all Decel popping gone), Holeshot fork brace and now eagerly await your 4-1 exhaust. I am now looking at your Ferodo ST brake pads and steel braided hoses. I was suspect about buying/trying the TFI, but to my delight it brought my stock geared Bandit 1250 front tire up in first and second with little effort. Moreover, your ladies on the phone are very helpful and always a delight to speak with. You have now gained a loyal customer who will spread the news about your quality products available at very reasonable prices.

Thank you Dale for looking after the Standard Bikes.

Mark Miller (Pueblo West CO)

Hi Dale

The nerf bars for bandit worked out good, "tested them when i was vaction in july when I forgot to put my kickstand down. luckily the left nerf bar and my side case took the hit. no damage to the bike except scrapping paint off the nerf bar and some scrathes on the side case. I have a picture attached of the damaged nerf bar. Thought you would like to know how good it did.

Stephen Andre

Hi Dale

Just wanted to say, I absolutely LOVE your Comp 2 on my Bandit 1250!! I can't believe how much I love my bike now! I listened to many samples of aftermarket cans on Bandits and this is by far the best sound! It's very throaty without being overly loud or raspy. It now sounds like the liter bike that it is instead of a chainsaw. Also I dropped 10lbs over the huge stock exhaust. All this with personal service that was astounding (I've never been convinced OUT of a product I didn't need) and all for the same price as those mass produced aftermarket units that are a dime a dozen. Expect a lot more word-of-mouth business soon!

Chris K (Chantilly, VA)

Hi Dale

I purchased your Bandit 1250 TFI tuning box along with your stage one tune up parts. I already had a UK legal slip-on installed.

After 400 km, I confirm my first impressions: injection is very much smoother and it is easier and more pleasant to ride the bike. The gain of power is here too and the consumption is reduced. So, what else can I ask for!!! Be sure will recommend your products!!!

Thanks again.

Marc Luquet in France


I just wanted to give you some feed back and review after installing the 17" Comp 2 slip-on and the Stage 1 tuning package on my Bandit 1250 .

The service i received on the phone was excellent. She made sure everything I wanted was in stock and double-checked the order and part numbers before we finished. Easy to do business with.

Installation: I didn't realized until after I snapped the pilot bit off in the hole why I was supposed to off-set the hole to the left of center for the center stand bumper. But after working that out, the slip on install was a breeze. I was a little nervous about doing the TFI tuning box, but it turned out to be pretty easy. Seating the OEM injector plugs into the new harness plugs was a tricky because of the tight fit with the O-ring seal. Made sure that the catch/latch caught.

O2 Bypass and air filter mode was very easy. Your on-line installation guide is excellent. It was nice talking to you on the phone (I felt honored and humbled after reading so much about you) when I called for the set-up #'s for the TFI box.

OK, time for start-up and test ride. After firing up the first time, I'm mildly impressed with the new tone. After revving it a few times, I'm even more impressed. My kids are highly impressed with the way the excess RTV silicone shoots out of the pipe ("Dad's bike is pooping!) I have a 1/4 mile stretch of unpaved road after I leave my driveway, and I immediately notice the typical bucking/surging I had a low rpm in 1 and 2nd gear is GONE. Nice! Out on the main road, I start laying into it bit by bit, and I'm totally impressed. I felt smoother and more powerful acceleration immediately. It's there from low to mid rpm. I love the way the Comp 2 makes the Bandit sing now. It has a soft'ish but burlier sound at low speed, but when I roll on the throttle, it just sounds so righteous. Nothing obnoxious, but just like I think it should.

I got a chance to take it out for a nice joy ride yesterday, and I can honestly say that it feels like a new machine. Not that there was anything really wrong with the Bandit being stock, but your slip-on and tuning package unleashed a huge amount of potential and gave it new life. I'm super impressed and would highly recommend this to anyone who asked.

Matt Jeffries (Wood River Junction, RI)

Hi Dale,

I now have 5,000 miles on my Bandit 1250 running your Stage 1 tuning with the Touring muffler. The bike runs strong across all R.P.M.'s and gears, yet remains smooth and tractable at low speed around town. The torque is unbelievable, any gear, any speed, the bike jumps out hard with a roll-on of the throttle. Fuel mileage averages 42 mpg and startup, cold idle and hot idle are smoother than stock.As you mentioned previously, the bike runs cooler than before the Stage 1 install. With our 95 to 100 degree days that has to help extend the life of the engine. The stage 1 package is all you said and a phenomenal value. I really like the gear position indicator as well . I took your suggestion and waited for the Corbin Gunfighter seat and it was well worth it. The seat lowers the rider about one inch and gives a noticeable improvement in handling when pushing hard in corners. I'll be calling shortly for the next items on my list.

Dan Creighton

Hi Dale,

I received the Skid Marx Double bubble screen today and installed it on my Bandit 1250. It looks great and the flow of air is much better than the original with very smooth, clean air and no buffeting. Thanks once again for a great product.

Herb Teeuwe

Hi Dale.

The installation of the Bandit 1250 bits went pretty smoothly. I set the TFI tuning box pots as per your specs, and its an absolute ball tearer of a thing to ride. Its as smooth as can be right through to about 8500 (that's as far as I rev it, as there doesn't seem any gain in going past that) and equally happy to just cruise along at a light throttle opening. No pops or bangs on overrun either. In fact its just like a factory tune, only better, and with a noticeable improvement in grunt. Definitely money well spent!

Goodonya Dale!

Bill in OZ


I spoke to you a couple weeks ago about my Bandit 1250. I have all of the parts installed and the bike is running great. I can see a new back tire will be in my near future. The Stainless Brake Lines, TFI box, shift indicator,O2 bypass, air box mod, and Comp 2 slip on all work great together. Everything went in just as the instructions on your web page and as we talked over the phone.
The bike idles smooth and pulls like a freight train.

Thanks again.

Craig Stuart (O'Fallon, Missouri)


Just wanted to share with you how happy I am with the mods to my 1250 Bandit. The TFI certainly smooths the idle and throttle response is very good. The bike runs like a striped ass ape!!!

Thanks again...

Eric Lovern


I was thrilled to have found your web site, especially when I realized you had developed specialized parts for your own Bandit 1250 (same model as mine) and offered them to the public at reasonable prices. It has been a gold mine for "goodies." Your attention to detail on practical, safety and performance products to enhance the riding experience is greatly appreciated. Being a former NHRA racer and general motorhead, I now know that at DW's I can find researched and tested products which go far to bring out the best in these bikes. Even your installation photos are first-rate and a blessing to us who don't always have the time to work out simple setups. Both riders and the local cycle dealership folks are always asking about the various things I've done to the bike, noting the obvious quality. Since I recently picked up a new SV650, it too will get the Holeshot "treatment" with your excellent products.

David M (Morehead City)

Wow... I mean WOW! Thanks, Dale for a fantastic mod! I know I only bought the TFi and filter, (for now...) but I can't even BEGIN to believe the difference just those parts made! Gone is the surging, gone is the rough idle. Suddenly present is a fantastic mid-range that I thought was good enough on the stock Bandit 1250. Thanks for talking me through the options, and I'll be calling back soon for that slip on!

Thanks again for your help

David Draper (Bakersfield, CA)

Hi Dale,

Just to let you know I received the mirror extenders for my Bandit 1250 yesterday 31/03/08. Parts were very well rapped and secure on arrival. All fitted perfectly, road tested today and I can now see what is behind me.

Thanks again for your help

Wayne Godwin(Beresfield N.S.W, Australia)

Good Morning Dale

The parts arrived in South Africa in good order. Bandit 1250 fork brace, front fender extender and bar snake. They were delivered to me yesterday and I have fitted them already!!

Thank you for supplying these excellent quality products. Not only did they fit perfectly, they look fantastic!!


Hein Greyling


I received all the Bandit 1250 parts and started to install the kit. Installation was easy thanks to your detailed instructions, the bike fired up right away, I just had the chanche for a little spin, but I can tell a difference in how the bike accellerates. Your pot settings are right on. Your excellent products and customer care makes the hole stage one kit an outstanding upgrade for my bike. It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone it is hard to find a person who stands behind the product and is knowlegible at the same time...

Please hurry up fabricating the header for the 1250 bandit

Thanks again


Hello Dale,
this is Jim Lee in Grenville, SC. Have installed the 17\" comp 2, K&N filter, TFI, etc. Coutdn\'t ask for a better ride. The bottom end is awsome...its like a DC motor. We ride mostly in the mountains and torque is a must. Wind screen is next.


Having been a previous customer with Dale (purchasing a HoleShot muffler for my '04 DL650) I know he makes great products that do just what they say, no hype. I found myself looking for a sport-touring, standard type of bike and I knew I wanted Dale's stuff on my next bike. I picked his brain for a choice, which he was more than happy to help out, and found myself with the new '07 Suzuki Bandit 1250. It did everything Dale said it would (like his products) so it was a no-brainer to use his stuff to make it better. Being such a new bike I had to wait until his mods were ready, and ended up purchasing a new HoleShot muffler, TFI tuning box, O2 bypass, K & N filter, and fork brace when they came available. In spite of this bike being incredibly smooth bike with great torque everywhere, I had experienced a lean spot from 2000-4000 RPMS, and wished the bike had better top gear roll-on for passing without downshifting. I also hated the looks and weight of the stock muffler, knowing Dale could do much better. To say the least I was not disappointed. The flat spot is gone, and I notice power increase everywhere, especially on the top gear roll on. And the sound!! Much better without making enemies of my neighbors. Not to mention that it looks 100x better. Even the fork brace made a big difference in front end tracking.

Like I said, he makes great products that do just what they say, no hype.

Thanks Dale, for all your hard work. Next stop is the gear indicator with adjustable TRE

Bob Wampler (Portland, OR)

I really like the look of the new slip on installed, really cleaned up the look of the bike. The gear indicator comes in very handy on twisty roads and in town really helps out knowing what gear your in at all times. The TFI box seems to smooth out the ride especially at the 2800-3600 rpm range and gives a nice boost of power all the way to red line. The fuel economy didnt seem to change at all, and if it did it is almost unoticable. Total time to install TFI box, O2 sensor, slip on, gear indicator and air box mod with K&N filter was about two hours but keep in mind I have never installed a gear indicator or TFI box before, all was very easy. I had to check the website for instructions only one time to see what hose to plug. Dale was happy to assist me with the setting on the TFI box and all settings are working flawlessly. Thank you for the products they will be enjoyed.


Brian Powell (B'ham, AL)

Was surprised by the low, sonorous tones. Makes a big 1250 engine sound like one. Thanks, Dale .


Well, if you have ridden one, you already know what a great bike the Bandit 1250 is. I want to thank Dale Walker and Holeshot Performance for producing and selling products that can take this stock platform and turn it into something really special. I purchased Dale’s complete Stage One Setup and all I can say is WOW!! Stage One includes a beautifully made slip-on muffler, easy to use fuel injection tuning module, high flow air filter, and oxygen sensor and pair valve bypass system. I also added the 17-tooth sprocket and speedometer healer (adds even more excitement). With the kit and Dale’s tuning tips 1250 now runs much stronger and smoother over the entire powerband. Gone is the mild surging at lower rpm’s. The midrange is now even stronger with far more pull all the way to the redline. The best part of all though, is beautiful exhaust note. It is very subtle at light throttle loads, but is very musical at full song. All in all, the Stage One Setup is a great kit at an excellent price. Anyone can sell you product. What makes Dale and Holeshot different is they put in the research and development time to provide products that really work the moment you install them. No hype…just a flawless running motor.

Curt Krouze (Rhinelander, WI)

Dale's new mods for the B1250 are simply fantastic. Noticeable increase in power, much smoother and great looks. What more could you ask for? And to top it off Dale was a pleasure to work with. Keep em coming Mr Bandito!

Mike Pailliotet
Thank you Dale and Liza for helping me turn my 2011 GSX1250FA into the bike I thought I was buying 4 years ago.

My father put me on my first dirt bike when I was a boy in the late 1960's, starting a life long love affair with motorcycles. I am Master Honda Auto Technician at a large dealership which also includes a large Motorsports division. I am tempted every day by all of the toys I see at work. In 2012 I test rode the 1250FA on the recommendation of a friend. I fell for the amazing electric like torque and smoothness of the big 1250. There are hundreds of miles of enter-connecting twisty roads in the foothills and mountains just east of Clovis, CA. I quickly learned that if I charged into the turns too hard I could feel the front tire losing adhesion, more than once finding myself in the dirt at the side of the road. The bike also did not respond well to steering inputs while setting up or while in the turn. I learned to not push so hard into the turns but smiled every time I used that big torque accelerating out of the them. Per Dales recommendation I switched to the Michelin Pilot Road 3's. Huge improvement but it would still slip if I pushed too hard. I don't know why I waited so long to talk to Dale but I am so glad I finally did. He had me install the Race Tech Gold Valves, Cogent Springs, Fork Brace and Dale's Sport Touring bars. Simply Amazing Transformation. The bike now responds to my slightest input securely holding whatever line I choose. Even on rough road surfaces I no longer feel the tires breaking adhesion. I also installed Dale's Stage One Super Tune Pro with matching Street Touring Pipe. The fuel map is perfect for my style of riding, with greater torque and smoother power delivery at lower RPM's. Low end torque while accelerating through and out of turns sets me deep into the seat rocketing me to the next set of turns. My love affair continues. David Nuckles, Guarantee Real Estate
Hi Dale,

Just wanted you to know how satisfied I am with my Bandit 1250 stage 2 tune up.
Parts arrived neatly packaged.
Removing secondaries and fitting was a bit fiddley but that's part of the game. It's not a lot of space.

What an amazing product you have! It completely transformed the bike.
Now it runs smooth as silk and when you open it up it takes of like a rocket and just goes and goes...
And the sound! It grovels and roars. I love it.
This is the bike Suzuki should have built from the start. Not that it's bad to begin with, but...!

Terrific product and class A customer support.
Thank you very much from a very satisfied customer.
Looking forward to doing business with you again. When it comes to give suspension and handling a go.

Kind regard Matts in Sweden
Hello Mr Walker,

Finally, this weekend I had the time to go ahead and install the Supertune Pro tuner kit on my Bandit 1250. And I must say, what a difference! It feels like another bike, no more backfires, smooth idling and the Stage 2 kit acceleration is incredible!

I don't usually write reviews, but always like to give credit where it is due, and your work is amazing.

Look forward to adding more of your parts to my bandit in the future.

Best regards, Igor Rodrigues
Hi Dale,

I must say I put my seat on today I put my bars on a couple days ago I have the sport touring bars on my Bandit 1250. Totally different bike. Combine not better ride with a stage 2 Kit and it really made this bike into what it should have been. I spent 6 hours on my new seat today. Two Quick Stop's it is so comfortable I love it! It set you back just enough and keep you off the tank under hard braking excellent design.

Thanks Again! Tim Broga
Hello and Happy New Year Dale,

I just want to let you know that I received parts for my Bandit 1250, and fitted the Supertune pro and O2 bypass unit in order to take my bike to Holeshot Stage 1.

I've only had the chance to stick about five miles on the bike since fitting the kit but I found the engine to feel generally smoother (with a lot less popping on the overrun), and definitely perkier! The front lifts easily in 1st gear off the throttle now (when the bike was stock it wouldn't even do that) and the low and midrange feels a good bit more urgent.

Thanks for all your efforts in developing this kit for the Bandit 1250, the bike is slowly becoming as bad-assed as the name implies!

Kind Regards, Richard Thomas in the UK
Hi Dale,

Thanks for the great products recently sent for my 1250 Bandit. (Your Stage 2 tune and Holeshot Corbin seat)

Really impressed, packaging was the best I've seen in many years of online ordering. (please let whomever packed it, I think Liza know) That seat could have been kicked out of a cargo plane and air dropped at my house and survive unscathed.

Cheers, Doug Jordan

Just got the nerf bars and radiator guard for my 2009 Bandit. Service was excellent, with Liza giving me a call when the order was sent. The install, especially the nerf bars, was easy. I do like stainless steel parts.

I will continue to do business with you.

Thank you very much for your company, Joseph Stalcup, Houston, Texas
Hi Dale,

Just though I’d share the pic of my 2009 1250 S side case after I had a mishap in the garage and it went over on its right side. I originally bought a set of these for my 2005 1200 Bandit last summer, which had been dropped by the previous owner with no bars so I had case scratches to clean up. Late in September when I picked up the 2009 I ordered a set for that, thinking I’ll never drop it, but….

They did just what they’re supposed to, engine is untouched! Nice bars. Just a little black touch up paint on the bars and I’m back in business! I’’Hhve to stick a right turn signal assembly and front brake handle on, but that is the price for not paying attention. Wade Smith, Rockford, Illinois

Just wanted to say thanks! The 1250 Holeshot sport rack and 29 liter Givi Top case Looks awesome, simple install, my lady will be way more comfortable riding with something behind her! Love the fact it swaps out with four bolts if somebody wanted to go back to the grab rail!

Thank you for the great products Vance
Hello Dale & Liza,

Very happy with the Holeshot 1250 fork brace...
I went for a 240km test ride over the weekend...
front ends feels stable and solid in corners, much nicer to ride.

One of the best mods to date apart from your stage 2 and secondary removal.

Your mods turn a good bike into a great bike.

Thinking of headers next!

Many Thanks, John Weeks
Hi Dale,

Well got the work done on my Bandit 1250 hear in the UK. The Secondaries are removed and throttle bodies synced (1.5 hours at the local shop… worth the money spent to be honest) and I can tell you that you can feel the difference in the throttle response with them removed so if anyone ever asks can if you feel the difference, the answer is a clear cut yes.

I’m loving the way the bike responds now, the SuperTune Pro stage 2 is excellent and is an essential upgrade for anyone wanting to get more out of their bike without having to strip it down and rebuild it. I’m simply stunned at the performance, and above 5K the bike transforms into something else entirely, low down is also smoother in the power delivery, responsiveness and driveability...it’s just a much better bike all round now.

Thanks again Dale! Gary Cheavin
Hi Dale & Liza,

Just installed your Holeshot seat on my 2016 Bandit 1250 ABS , What a difference! I was really worried the Holeshot custom Corbin seat wouldn't be worth the money, but it’s like riding a different bike. I forgot I had installed it this morning (as simple as taking off the stock seat and slipping this one right into its place) and was immediately stunned at the comfort, just while on the stand putting on my helmet and gloves. Backing out of my garage and turning around in my driveway was noticeably easier (two inches closer to the ground since I removed my gel pad and this is 1 inch lower than the stock seat). Pulling out and on to the road I felt more relaxed, comfortable, and in control than I had ever been on any bike. There is absolutely no tension in my back and legs and the lower angle significantly reduced pressure on my wrists and shoulders. I usually take side roads to work in rush hour but had such a heightened sense of confidence that I got on the interstate and was able to maneuver and accelerate in a significantly more stable and controlled fashion. I felt so assured that my mind wandered and a chunk of my commute was left to my sub-conscious to navigate. Can’t wait for the weekend to install the slip on, switch out the handle bars, and get a few hundred miles of touring in ASAP! Andrew - Raleigh, NC
G'day Dale,

Well I had a spare day to work on my 1250 Bandit and remove the secondaries, install the EFI stage 2 tuner pro, installed the o2 bypass plug, gave the throttle bodies a good clean, installed the k&n air filter and used my dremel to cut the airbox lid down like in your pics.

It’s a different beast now! Even idles smoother and just keeps pulling hard through the rpm range. Massive difference and improvement.

Couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks for your guidance and prompt replies to all my questions.

I will be ordering a fork clamp from you in the near future.

Thanks Dale!
Much Appreciation Jai Kal

A big thank you to you and Liza; for your excellent products, support and service.

I now have 2 bikes that simply rock. The difference from the stock / OEM bikes I bought, to today, is incredible; and I could not be happier.

All the best................... Peter A Pelletier
Hi Dale,

Man your Bandit 1250 stage one stuff works awesome! GONE is my old buddy "Sergeo" lol..its smooth as silk,no more bucking like a wild bronco at 2500-3000.The thing rips and I felt it in my pants instantly and the 17" slip-on looks and sounds great..That stock pipe weighs so much I think it may pull a hundred bucks at the scrapyard..Im loving the bike now..How the original owner I bought it from rode it 20,000 km the way it was is beyond me!Jason (Canada)