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Suzuki SV-1000 Dyno Chart

NOTE: These are true numbers measured on Dales in-house Dynojet 250 I dyno, with "Win Pep 7" Program, STD mode, Smoothing 5

The Holeshot compound at the time was about 200 feet above sea level and the dyno room kept at a constant temperature as possible. These results were also achieved with Dales tuning, which is a bonus. Dale uses his dyno as a measuring tool for development and testing only.
Be aware that different dynocharts, dyno operators, conditions and bikes can vary 3-8 HP, so this should only be used as a reference for before and after results.

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Dyno Chart
Run 002 (Blue Line)
bone stock

Run 007 (Red Line)
Holeshot slip-ons