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2017 SV650 Owner Testimonials

(From talk lists & Holeshot e-mail)
Hello ... Dale and Liza,

Here is an update to my original review of the Holeshot Corbin seat for the SV650 after a great ride!

Just rode my SV650 with the Holeshot Corbin seat from Miami to Everglades City (great stone crabs), Fort Myers (Edison and Ford Museum and Houses), Sanibel Island (best shelling beach anywhere!) and back to Miami. Over 500 Miles this weekend.

The seat made this possible. It has changed what I can do with my motorcycle. I wouldn’t have lasted more than an hour on the stock seat which is a medieval Japanese torture device (hard as a 2x4 and my gear kept on creeping back because of the slope, very uncomfortable.)

If you have an SV650, get the seat so you can actually use and enjoy your bike. Money well spent. Manuel in Florida
Hi Dale,

Well...I've got 600 miles on the 2017 SV 650 Holeshot seat now, and I have to give it a thumbs up. A big improvement over the factory seat. Lots of compliments also from others on the looks of it.

Thanks againEddie Brown