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Suzuki SV650 Rear Fender Eliminator & Mini Blinker Kits

Installation and Tips

NOTE: These numbered photos are to be used as a guide in conjunction with the written instruction sheet supplied with the kit. Be sure to review all photos before you start the installation, feel free to call Dale if you have any questions.

You will need to trim the rear and inner fender so it looks like this and is basically flush with the tail sections lower surface.


This is what it will look like from the rear view when trimmed. The new Holeshotâ„¢ tray will fill this in perfectly and protect it from the elements.


The Holeshotâ„¢ fender tray is powder coated a 60% gloss satin black for a clean look and durability, is pre-drilled and mounts right up to the existing rear tail section philips screws. The front surface is secured with 6mm flanged head bolts supplied in the kit.


The igniter box has to be relocated when installing the Rear Fender Eliminator Kit and this is where I mounted mine. Notice the Electric Powershifter 2 kill box. Very tidy indeed!