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Holeshot High Pipe Slip-On Dyno Charts

Yamaha FZ1 (2006)

NOTE: These are true numbers measured on Dales in-house Dynojet 250 I dyno, with "Win Pep 7" Program, STD mode, Smoothing 5

The Holeshot compound is now at aprox. 4500 feet above sea level here in NV, and is down about 3 to 5 HP from our old location in CA. Dale uses his dyno as a measuring tool for development and testing only.

Be aware that different dynocharts, dyno operators, conditions and bikes can vary 3-8 HP, so this should only be used as a reference for before and after results.

Dale's 2006 test bike's front header still has the cat and he does not plan on butchering the original header. Instead Dale will be designing a Holeshot 4-1 system at a later date that can be purchase separately and added to our Holeshot slip-ons or any other brand X as well.

Dyno Chart
Run 006 (Blue Line)
Dale's bone stock 2006 FZ1.

Run 071 (Red Line)
Dale's finished results with Holeshot slip-on, original air filter, and his simple air box modification.
Dyno Chart
This chart shows the air fuel ratio with Dale's Holeshot slip-on, original air filter with no air box modifications.