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NOTE: These are true numbers measured on Dales in-house Dynojet 250 I dyno, with "Win Pep 7" Program, STD mode, Smoothing 5

The Holeshot compound is now at aprox. 4500 feet above sea level here in NV, and is down about 3 to 5 HP from our old location in CA. Dale uses his dyno as a measuring tool for development and testing only.

Be aware that different dynocharts, dyno operators, conditions and bikes can vary 3-8 HP, so this should only be used as a reference for before and after results.
Dyno Chart
Run 006 (Blue Line)
Dale's bone stock 06 FZ1.

Run 114 (Red Line)
Dale's 06 FZ1 with Holeshot full system and EFI Supertune tuner tune up