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Holeshot Slip-On Dyno Charts

Yamaha FZ1 (through 2005)

NOTE: These are true numbers measured on Dales in-house Dynojet 250 I dyno, with "Win Pep 7" Program, STD mode, Smoothing 5

The Holeshot compound is now at aprox. 4500 feet above sea level here in NV, and is down about 3 to 5 HP from our old location in CA. Dale uses his dyno as a measuring tool for development and testing only.

Be aware that different dynos, dyno operators, conditions and bikes can vary 3-8 HP, so this should only be used as a reference for before and after results.
Stock Slip-On
Slip-On &
Timing Advancer
Slip-On, Advancer
& Stage 1 Jet Kit
RPM Power Torque Power Torque Power Torque Power Torque
2500 24.2 47.9 26.0 48.6 27.1 52.4 26.9 55.3
2750 25.2 48.1 26.7 51.0 28.9 55.2 30.5 58.2
3000 27.7 48.4 30.5 53.4 32.4 56.7 34.0 59.6

Dale also tested slightly larger #42 pilot jets as well as many other settings. We were able to squeeze out about to 2 to 3 more hp from the ZZR with the larger pilot jets installed and made the best pull off 143.9 hp. But Dales road testing showed a drop in fuel mileage, about 37 to 38 mpg on the freeway at steady cruise. Also the idle is smoother with the stock pilot jets as well. For only 2 hp or so Dale decided to only recommend shimming the needles and re-adjust the fuel screws. The ZZR runs butter smooth with this simple adjustment and is plenty fast. But if you don't mind the above and your a power junky you may want to try the #42 pilots jets also.